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Kellys CD Diary

Well Im starting in the morning...im very excited! A little dissapointed as i weigh 5lbs more on her scales than on my own so got 5lbs more to loose!

Ive done LT before and lost weight but also fell pregnant whilst on it so put on most of the weight during my pregnancy. But CD has much more options for flavors so fort id try this deit instead.

I am currently 14stone 8lbs and want to aim for 10stone 10lbs (my BMI will then be 'healthy' 25).

Wish me luck :D
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Thank you :)

I was awake most of last night just picturing me slim lol, how mad! Woke up with a terrible head ache because of the lack of sleep!!

Well day 1 so far ive had butterscotch (ok) and chocolate mint (yum!!) im not doing bad no cheating and i have had to do my daughters breakfast and luch.
Im going to a friends later so that will be a test as ive not told her im doing CD she is very negative about VLCD so id rather just not go there with her!!
Day 1 went fab! i had the chocolate tetra for dinner and it was lovely very sweet but i have a sweet tooth so good for me.

Today is day 2 and i feel fab i have a headache which is a good sign! So far today ive had banana (ok) and toffee and walnut (ok but powdery).

Ive taken the kids to a play center today with my other mummy friends and have not told them so currently my excuse for no tea is that my doc thinks my ibs is trigured by milk products....i no its naughty to lie but some of them wont be suportive.....

Vanilla for dinner i think :)
Day 3 think im in ketosis! Yay! thing have been alot easier today, i tried the latte shake today and it was ok! think my faves so far are bananna, chocolate tetra and chocolate mint!! yum yum!!
day 5 now! cant believe how fast its going!! these 12 weeks will be gone in no time...i hope! so far the only shakes i dont really like are vanilla and toffee and walnut yuck!!

i mite add my before pics and measurements to keep myself motivated!! I NEED to be slimmer and happier with my weight :)
Ok so measurements are

Bust 42
Waist 37.5
Bum 48----Huge!
Under Bum 44.5
Thigh 27.5
Arm 15

Oh my god!!! My target now seems a very long way off :-(
Ive not written on here for a few days but quick update...i had a very bad day and ate a propa dinner but then the day after i put it behind me and started again. It came to my WI yesterday and ive lost 9lbs!! Im so happy about that but cant help but think it would have been better if i hadnt cheated :-( never mind!

so im now on day 2 of week 2 and now i have the bars which are really nice! i only chose 2 the chocolate mint and the peanut crunch...both YUM!! the only thing is i like them so much that i try not to eat more than 1! supose its all about self control! Had a huge row with OH the other day which would normaly lead to a huge binge but instead i went out for a walk to clear my head and didnt feel like eating, had to force my last shake down.

Today is going well, but have already had a shake and a bar and its only 2pm, i hope i dont struggle later! however if i do then i will have a boiled egg or small but of chicken ect (ss+ approved) to avoid me eating BAD foods! Im trying to drink atleast 4ltrs of water as CD said it really can make a difference to how much u lose and i would LOVE to lose 5lbs this week to make my loss 1 stone...i can dream right!!
Today is a good day! My Oh is having an assesment to become a manager and within 6 months he could have his own store!! Very excited and nervous for him....this could change our lifes!! Didnt wanna tell him that, pressure or what!!

I have started to have the bars this week but for some reason i seem to be hungry after i eat them where as with the shakes i dont, i could actualy go all day without anything (i dont tho i do get my 3 'meals'). Im feeling great, my current clothes feel looser my tummy feels flat!! Woo Hoo!!
Ive started to so squatts and sit up to help tone up, my thighs are very wobbly and by far my worst body part!!!
Cant wait for my WI on weds, im REALLY hoping for 5lbs but i no its pushing it but that would be my first stone!! and 3lbs off my lowest weight in about 3 years!! Hope to reach this goal in week 3...Hmmm mite add that to my sig!!
So OH think his assesment went well! fingers crossed!! I have been 100% this week but im very worried as i have a WI 2mora 2 days early...please god let it be a good loss :)

I normaly fail with diets on the second/third week but not this time i am so determined to be slimmer for my birthday, im not gonna spend another year frumpy overwieght and miserabe!! Me and my sister have already planned to go to lakeside the weekend before to pick out going out outtfits and im already soooo excited! Cant wait to go in and pick a 12 and it fit rather than a 14 and it not fit and live in my wardrobe untill my next diet attempt!
Went to WI and i thrilled to say that ive lost 4lbs!! Nearly a stone in 2 weeks!! a little dissapointed as if it had been on my normal WI day it very well could have been my first stone! But on the plus side my next WI will be 9 days worth of dieting so im hoping it will be another nice 4lbs taking me to 13stone 5lbs....the smallest i have been in about 3 years!! Cant wait for that feeling and i will also be trying on my 14s to see if they are getting closer to doing up :)

As for the actual diet im finding it farly easy, ive still been having mostly ss+ days but id much rather do that then cheat and its working.

Still no word on the OH promotion but he will hear before friday, he is still pretty confident...even been looking at new suits ect!!
So ive not written on here for a while but ive had a few break throughs...i can fit in my 14 JEANS!!! i have a little muffin top so wont wear them yet (NOT attractive!!haha).
I cant believe in on week 5, at the start this seemed so far away!! 25lbs in 5 weeks!! Eekkk!! ill be a goal before i know it. I was hoping to be at goal by 3rd April..my 23rd birthday!! However as its getting closer and ive had a few not so good losses im wondering if i need to either sted it up or move my goal back a bit!?
my ultimate aim is to be a nice comfy 12, im not too fussed about what weight i am.

So these are my measurements again
Bust 42 now 40
Waist 37.5 now 34
Bum 48 now 44.5
Thighs 44.5 now 42.5
Thigh 27.5 now 26
Arm 15 now 13.5

total inch loss 14 inches :) only 26 to go...ish!! My god that sounds daunting!!!

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