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Ketones stick


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It doesn't matter :) The colour is just indicative of your level of hydration or how many ketones are left over after you've burned what you need for energy, etc. So long as you show positive for one of the levels it's fine. Plus you may sometimes get a negative, but still be in ketosis, as you may just be super hydrated. If you are 100% on the diet, you will be in ketosis ;) xx


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Jayne's right, I have the ketostix as well and as long as they change colour, no matter how slightly, then its a positive for ketosis. Remember that only *excess* ketones are detected so if you don't have any excess to be secreted you can get a negative result when you are in fact still in ketosis. Make sure you test first thing in the morning as it gets diluted and I know personally only my first test is ever positive, all the rest during the day are negative due to all the water we drink hehe

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