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ketosis and general help

Hi Guys

I have been doing low carb for a month now and have lost 1st8lb and was in ketosis from day 3, purple on the sticks ect.

Now i find the sticks dont change yet my eating has stayed the same, thinking the sticks might be faulty lol

below is my fitness pal link showing my foods for the week and i think i neew some more fat but i cant be sure.

any help would be great, still loosing weight tho :)

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Your food diary is still private. You need to go into settings, select Diary Privacy and set it to public from there.
A lot of people seem to stall around 2-4 weeks in. I think it may be when our stallers kick in. I actually gained back most of the weight I had lost around then. I dropped dairy and haven't looked back since. That was my staller. Different people have different stallers but we all need plenty of fat and water! :)
Welcome and good to have you with us. Post often and get to know us all.

Thanks i will add you, been doing the bars from day one but i will adjust my percentages and retest, i will cust the bars out if i still dont get into ketosis and see if that helps
I have adjusted the percentages on MFP wow 100+g of fat aday i will do me best lol.

what i dont understand is i am loseing weight and my carb intake for weeks is less than 15g per day and never over 20g.

i am thinking the batch of sticks i got is duff but by adding more fat in my food it might be that :)
If you are losing, what do the sticks matter? I have never used them in my life, think they are a waste of money, lots of people never get them to register properly.


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I agree with Bren, I've never used the sticks - but I always know when I'm in ketosis, and I know generally when I've lost weight from the feel of my clothes.

I know it's hard but why don't you try doing it without the sticks for a while and get to read your body?
I have never registered purple on the sticks, not ever! Most people I know seem to get the palest palest pink blush but some don't get even that. Sometimes the deepest purple can be due to dehydration as much as to ketosis.

Over time you will learn to 'listen' to your body, your appetite, cravings (or lack of them) etc. to determine ketosis. And yes please do watch the bars and other food items containing sugar alcholols/polyols as they can stall people, and even take them out of ketosis.

You're doing just great! Keep posting x

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