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  1. jenna113

    jenna113 Full Member

    hi girlies...

    another another question..

    my stick turned really dark (the last darkest colour) i know that means im not drinking enough water (really trying) but how do you know if ur burning fat?
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  3. In search of me

    In search of me Silver Member

    I have no idea as not started yet but while on the subject - if you dont mind! do they give you the sticks each week as part of the diet or do you have to pay extra?!!
  4. Pixie

    Pixie Silver Member

    If its pink you are ok!
    Its should ideally be medium pink.
  5. Mike 24

    Mike 24 Full Member

    Lighter Life
    you need to buy the sticks...some councilors sell them I think thou.

    As for how do you know if your burning fat. the sticks show if your in ketosis...basically your body, to burn fat, has to break the fat into a useable source as you can't directly burn your body turns the fat into ketones for your body to use. if its in your urine you're therefore burning fat.

    Thats the principle I think :)
  6. jenna113

    jenna113 Full Member

    bought them tonight from Boots around a fiver
  7. skinnyjan

    skinnyjan Full Member

    Lighter Life

    My counsellor said only to test when we go to get weighed as we may just swap our food addiction for a ketostix addiction.. makes sense to me!

    Stopped me testing every 5 mins anyway!!

  8. Mike 24

    Mike 24 Full Member

    Lighter Life

    I do one every day when I get in from work...It just helps me to stay focused that evening and be happy that my body's doing what it should be :)
  9. jane

    jane Opinionated

    I don't want to contradict or undermine your CDC, if she/he's anything like mine she has a magic mix of personal kowledge,professional knowledge,& a desire to see her babies succeed,but;
    mine also encouraged me not to do stix,just to trust the diet. "if ouy ss you'll be in ketosis".Despie this there were times inthe day when I 'just wasn't sure'. Anywy got some stix (she sighed nicely gave a wry smile & relented).the 1st day used at each wee,then just a few times.After a few days they had done the trick.i tested a dusky pink (mid) most of the time & nevera negative.far from geting hung up on them I found them a useful part of the 'getting to know your ssing regime'
    Hey we're all different & theres no one rule fits all here except of course.Do ss,Lose weight
  10. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Morning jenna,it took me quite a while to get this sorted out in my head. This is my way of thinking about it. If I'm teaching grandothers to suck eggs please tell me to shut up,it's probably high timesomeone did.
    1.the Ketones are what your body makes when it breaks down fat to use as does this when there is insufficient would use glycogen in preference,but the diet puts paid to that.
    2.ketones are v small bits & unlike fat they are water soluble.
    3 think of your body as a bath with 2 taps.The first one is adding ketones to the bath.(this is your body's metabolism).for the sake of this discussion lets say you can't alter this tap ,it just keeps on running.lets also say that he ketones come out bright red.
    4 the other tap is adding water. This tap you control.The more you drink the faster the tap runs.
    5.Now this bath is full & overflowing.the over flow is your urine.if you drink no water the overflow will be slow & v dark red.If you drink lots the rate of overflow will be much faster & the colour will be paler as it's diluted by the water.
    6. now heres the really clever thing.The body was forced to make these ketones to use as fuel, but you have just flushed them down the loo.within limits the more you flush out the fuel the more your body has to go back to the fat bank and withdraw some more.
    Hopes this helps.brevity is not my middle name i'm afraid
  11. Joolz

    Joolz Nomad staying slim

    Lighter Life
    Cor Jane what a good analogy!!! Yep, getting rid of ketones is a good thing as you are fat burning. But my CDC says that the stick shoud ideally be the middle colour as any darker and you are clearly not drinknig enough water. So Jenna, up the water and you will find it helps your weight loss. Think of 4 litres as the MINIMUM and try for 5 litres. Try and get it down any way you can - sparking, still hot, cold, with water flavours (I like hot water with LL water flavours throughout the day instead of tea or coffee).
  12. jenna113

    jenna113 Full Member should be Ketosis teachers! Thanks for your def.

    what i want to know can i know im burning fat? does the purple one indicate fat burning too (apart from water intake)?

    maybe someone ans. my question already.
  13. tootsie

    tootsie Silver Member


    any hint of pink/puple on the stick means you are producing ketones....
  14. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Any colour change on the stick means you have ketone n your urine.You break down fat into the ketones which move around your body in your blood to be used as fuel by all your cells.Because the ketones are small & water soluble they also get into your urine.The colour of you strip doesn't necessarily equate to the amount of ketones you are making.Eg your strip went v.dark because you hadn't drunk enough water.Drink more water ,the ketones will be diluted & the urine test strip will be a paler colour,but the amount of ketones being produced byyour body remains the same.
    Remember ketosis is an entirely normal phenomenon,your body swithchs over to it whenever it has insufficient sugar/glycogen to burn. VLCD's are designed to maximise this process with the added safeguard that by being high in protein they prevent the body using it's other reserve fuel source ie muscle.A diet that encouraged weight loss by losing muscle mass would be at best a waste of time & worst dangerous.
    The level(concentration) of ketones in your blood should be enough to use for enegy & to spill into your wee,but no more.This level also gives you a sense of wellbeing & acts as a powerful appetite suppressant. Too many ketones can make you feel unwell not to mention the stinky breath.
    Does that help?
  15. jane

    jane Opinionated

    thanks jools-most kind.
    I've just noticed your ticker. IMPRESSIVE! Have you done all this since you joined in september? I assume you are doing a VLCD,how are you feeling now you are getting towards maintainance? hope you don't mind the q's i'm a bit nosey I'm afraid
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