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Ketosis Fairy has left the building!


has started again!!
oops! :sign0007:Had a big family "do" last night, with associated family politics etc. (namely my sister....see umpteen other threads on that one!) In my total panic at anticipating this do I ate so much ka-ka before hand (flapjack etc). :whoopass:However, after many tears and berating myself detetmined to be as good as I could at the party.:party0016:

This was not to be, so instead of being angry and calling myself names, today I am strangely calm about it all. I ate al sorts of things, but mainly raw veg and hummus. There was also some crab, salmon, a few olives and TBH some home made totally amazing BF gateaux.:drool: The only LL principle that didnt slip was the water, oddly enough. I was the elected driver, (hmmmm why was that I wonder??):party0036: I just drank mineral water all night.

This am I expected to feel so miserable but I dont. I do regret what I did, but it was an occasion that is unlikely to be repeated. (my Dad's birthday,pretty ancient and ill health looming, poss wont want another party like this again.) I remember a conversation our LLC had with us about the fact that some food should be regarded instead of a treat, as an occasional food, to be eaten on an occasion. It made a lot on sense to me. Whilst I am aware that it was not aimed at those of us currently ss-ing, it did hit home and I think it was one of those moments when certain things suddenly made sense! (Cerulean - one of your lightbulbs I think.)

Instead of feeling low and down about my lapse today, I feel great and more positive than I have in ages. MY tum is rumbling hugely now, and OH has made toast (mmmm the smell) but I dont actually want to eat???

I am about to email my LLC to tell her what has happened so I dont have to do audible explanations in group at my next WI. (I kind of expect a ticking off, but thats her job!!)

One question, any idea of the average time to return to ketosis, and as my WI is not until Thurs eve, do you think there might be any chance of a small loss this week? (Just wondered....)

Wish me luck on my journey back from the dark side, wont you??:sign0151:
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Hopeful for the future
Hi Sez,

Your attitude is amazing and well done you for getting right back up on that wagon today. What's done is done and you just move on to higher and better things now. I think this shows how much your attitude to eating (ie all or nothing approach) has changed for ever!!

I imagine you'll be back in ketosis by Monday or Tuesday which will probably mean a small loss by Thursday (or at least no gain).

I went to a family do a couple of Sundays ago and didn't psych myself up for it before and I think I was just complacent. So I ate too. That was a Sunday, and my weigh-in was Tuesday and I lost one pound. Hopefully drinking lots of water, more walking and 4 packs a day will do it for you on Thursday.
Good luck xx


has started again!!
Thanks Trish. Have just emailed LLC, so confessions over! Just jumping back on the ole' LL Wagon now!!


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hi sez i think you have done great too get back on track so soon.We are always going to have parties & hols etc its just how we deal with them for the rest of our slim lives! well done!
Well done for such positive thinking, I feel the same after having a meal out last night and I guess that although 100% abstinence is the aim of the game that if you can get over the occasional meal out for a special occasion without it turning into a weekly habit or without feeling so guilty about it then it'll be ok. Lets face it, its a very expensive diet to be eating all the time on it!!! but its sometimes the guilt that drives people to continue eating or to throw in the towel. Good luck getting back in ketosis. I'm sure you'll be champion by Thursday weigh in. Have a good day. xx


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Sez your positivity is just great, you sund really good. Re the ketosis I'd say 4 days - after my holiday I got back on the wagon on the Thursday and was back in ketosis by the Monday (though could have been before but I never test at home).

Anyway what was your sisters reaction to the new you?


has started again!!
Anyway what was your sisters reaction to the new you?

As per usual, none whatsoever! The only comment on the new haircut was "My god, thats short". She is not prone to complimenting me at all. We are not, and prob will never be, friends. I have to accept that.

Mind you, I lost count of all the positive strokes I got last night, so that made up for it. One lady, who has known me since I was a child actually had tears in her eyes when she saw me, which set me off too!!

Very emotional evening, I'd say!

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