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Ketosis - how do I know if I'm in it?

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Sorry to be a pain, but another :newbie: question. :eek:

As the title says, how do I know if I'm in ketosis please?
I've done a bit of internet research and don't appear to have any of the common symptoms - i.e. bad taste in my mouth, smelly wee.

I started Attack on Monday and did find it hard going and had quite a few snacks (Dukan friendly!). Wee'd for England! Had a slight headache before bed
On Tuesday (day 2) I had a headache and was still getting quite hungry.
Wednesday (day 3) I had a headache in the morning and went to bed with a very bad one.
Thursday (day 4) woke up with a headache but that went fairly quickly, legs ached after 20min walk. Still snacked.

Friday (day 5) No headache - yay! Found that I couldn't eat as much protein in a meal as I had done on previous days as I seemed to be satisifed quicker. Legs didn't ache after 90 min walk.

Saturday (day 6 and final day on attack)
No headache. Again satisfied quicker and snacked a lot less.

Drinking my 2 litres per day and still weeing loads!
no funny taste in my mouth and no funny smelling wee.
I am prone to headaches anyway, so that isn't anything unusual for me.

Do you think I am in ketosis without those symptoms? How was it for you?

Thanks for reading and thanks for any advice given xx
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Not sure what the principles of your diet are. But sure signs of Ketosis is metalic taste in mouth and lack of hunger.

I have read that protein can be converted to carbs, not sure how true this is, but if it is and you're having lots then maybe your body wont go into ketosis (fat burning) because your giving it enough fuel through your diet.

Investigate your diet, maybe you will lose weight without evidence of ketosis.


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It sounds as if you are in ketosis.

The cruise phase Dukan diet in designed to induce a light or 'periodic' ketosis, which means that the classic symptoms - bad breath, smelly wee, long term constipation etc, are avoided.



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I tend to pee ALOT! Dont notice the smell tho. And get a dry mouth. Not so much metalic taste but def dry and my breathe is a bit smelly. I can tell by my lack of hunger too. As Atroops says it sounds like you are in it! Yay!! X

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