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ketosis in less than 24 hours?


Its been about 22hours since i last eat 'real food' last night. I've had my 3 shakes today and just over 2.5 litres of water (still drinking!)

A few minutes ago I tested my urine for ketones with ketostix through curiosity and to my surprise its already showing as 'trace' (instead of negative)

Is it normal to go into ketosis after such little time?
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Most people even not on a diet drop into ketosis at stages during the day (boring little known ketosis fact!)

Anyway keep hanging in there, the full time ketosis hit is coming!!

Oh OK, its still quite encouraging non the less, thanks. My boyfriend and I were just reading your blog actually, impressive to say the least!

Today was REALLY crap! each shake/soup was vile, and even if i don't ever go into ketosis i'll probably loose 3 stone from running to and from the bathroom!
However, tomorrow is another day, it can only get easier.

thanks again!
lol it is definately encouraging! just got to hang in there for a few days!

And the weeing does get better!! just every 10 minutes instead of 5 :)

Are you mixing the packs up well enough? A cheap hand blender can make them a lot "smoother" if you are finding them lumpy/powdery or gritty in anyway



this time - the last time
Hello Pippa!

i really struggled with the shakes/soups too.

You have to drink more water - but if you continue to struggle (and I know most people can just gtt used to them) I would recommend exisitng just on tetra's. I just have tetra's and i love it. No lumps, and they always taste good!
lol we actually had to have a nap today (i felt like a pensioner, but i feel relatively energetic now)
And yeah, the last one i made was all lump, no shake! We happened upon some 99p 'dressing makers' earlier (they're just like a small electric whisk) but forgot to get batteries-der...
It might sound like a daft question but is it better to add water to the powder or vice versa?

Anything to make it a little easier!
thanks jayellekay,

although as we've spent near £200 quid on the sachets, i'm just going to grin (and/or gag) and bare it!


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I tested a trace of ketosis on day 2 pippa, and then moderate ketosis on day 3. Since then I've been in strong and its now day 8.

The sticks are great, cos you can experiment a little bit. I was really struggling with the water, so I tried some diet lemonade, the sticks showed that it didn't knock me out so I occasionally have a small glass, although now I've got the water flavouring thats not so much of a problem.


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
It might sound like a daft question but is it better to add water to the powder or vice versa?

Anything to make it a little easier![/quote]
Always add the powder to the water mixes up better you can get a cheaper blender from Tesco's for £3.97 they work really well,
Always add the powder to the water mixes up better
thanks, i've been adding the water to the powder so i'll do it the other way round. (vanilla for breakfast today-hmm...i'm trying not to be so cynical! :()

now I've got the water flavouring thats not so much of a problem.
are the flavourings any good or are they just like over diluted pop?

pippa x
Hi, Pippa's boyfriend James here.
Pippa forgot to mention that when she tested positive for ketones, we both did the test and both tested positive. Is it still possible that it was just part of our natural cycles and we both happened to be in ketosis at the same time?
We did another test today at about midday and again we both tested positive.
Pippa's was just a trace, but mine was about in the middle of the scale, and I'm definitely not dehydrated. Is it possible to go into ketosis this rapidly?
I certainly feel as though I'm in ketosis. I tried the Atkins diet a few years ago, and although I did lose 7lbs in 3 days, I had to stop because I felt awful!
I feel the same now, very weak and light headed. If this continues I will have to stop because I am a body piercer and if I'm like this tomorrow when I go back to work, I'll be putting my customers at risk.
I've got a driving lesson in an hour and I'm anxious about it because I can tell my brain isn't working properly.
And yes, I am drinking LOADS of water.....


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I felt like that on day 2, by day 3 i felt fine. If you can persevere, then do so.

re the water flavouring, I've got the orange one and its really nice. I'm easily managing my 2.5litres a day now.
Hi just thought I'd butt in, I started CD two weeks ago. I was feeling very vacant and light headed the first week after that it seems to subside, also the second week has been a lot easier to cope with the diet. Try the 790 if SS is too much for you
Well maybe if the ketostix are telling the truth, I may already be in ketosis so I may feel ok by tomorrow.

What strikes me as weird about this diet is the starvation aspect in the first couple of days. I couldn't get to sleep for hours last night because I was so hungry, despite doing everything correctly.

When I did the Atkins diet, I still felt bad, but I wasn't hungry for one second.
I guess the Cambridge diet is different because until you start burning ketones you aren't actually receiving sufficient calories.

Maybe it would make more sense to do Atkins for a couple of days to get into ketosis, then once ketosis is confirmed by a urine test, swap over to Cambridge 'meals'?
Hey there

I always got into ketosis by the evening of the second day.

I think some people get in quicker than others.... if you are one of them enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Well done on starting SS its sooo well worth it

I agree about some of the soups. I'm currently trying to finish the broccoli and cheese and i cant taste a thing - only a burning sensation on the roof of my mouth.

My CDC gave me an amazing tip (knowing im a student and am awake half the night) - i split my chocolate tetra in 2 and freeze it. Then i whisk it and its like ice cream. Gorgeous!!

Also, blender cup thing from ebay is a gift from on high. Its a plastic cup with a tiny little whisk in the bottom. Good for soups, blooming amazing for shakes. They almost taste creamy!!

I dont feel so hungry today (day 3) but i have been so tired and freezing cold.

Was anyone else cold on the first few days?

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