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ketosis question

It means your in ketosis, well done! I was shocked to be in ketosis by the end of the first day!
lol, yeah i knew that but what i meant is that does this suggest that i didnt have much glycogen stored in my liver, and therefore mean i wont have a good weight loss the first week since from what i gather majority of the weight loss in the fist week is the glycogen.
Means you didn't have a load of last suppers ! You bod didn't have to wade through a lot of recently eaten food in your stomach, used up your glycogen pretty quick as it wasn't over souffled and got to work on your fat ! Result :D
you can do this, you know you can. I still find it hard at times I cheated one week was totm and was sick. I felt awful all i wanted to do was binge but i got back to it. it was very very hard but im glad. Im sick of been fat and ugly and im only 22!!!:(
i no, but im just finding it so difficult with everyone around me scoffing their faces, my mum is supposed to start it but shes delayed till monday, and then theres my other half who thinks im fine as i am and wants me to stop, wish i had more support...

Your lose has been amazing,.. a stone in the first week! wow!!, and also another thing is because you (and me) are younger we shouldnt have as much problems with loose skin.

tell me about it people eating all sorts i just get out of the way when food time comes. i usually go on mini's or go upstairs and busy myself!! Yeah i saw that in another thread to about the skin, hope i dont suffer to much with it. I think i will on my arms because there big :( whats ur starting weight?
hi ss, you will be at goal in no time. All you have to do is keep going. maybe even buy a new pair of size 8 jeans and hang them somewhere you can see them and try them on once in a while to see how close your getting. That will keep you motivated as well!! I could only dream of a size 8!!started at over 20stone just under 17 now :( :(

xx becky xx

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