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Ketosis / Reading Ketostix


Call me Linzi...
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Sorry I expect this question has been asked many many times but am I right in thinking that....

Any kind of pink means that you are in Ketosis?
A pale pink means that your in Ketosis & fully hydrated (eg in the afternoon after 4 litres of water)?
The deep colour means your in Ketosis but dehydrated (eg: 1st thing in the morning)?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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I have a deep colour even when I've had a lot to drink. It all depends. Either way .. pink means you're in ketosis. If you're drinking as much as you can and you get deep pink/red then that's just the way things are. Some may disagree, BUT I've been 'moyen' even after drink 5 litres of water in one day.

HTH ... CC

P.S - it isn't the wrong board at all.
On day 3 and 4, I only hit "traces" and "faible". Am I in ketosis?
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Yay, let's burn that fat!! My Ketostix (from Boots) show deep pink and I'm happy with that. Lost 8lb at my 1st weigh in yesterday, hoping for 6 next week. Well Hope is my name!!

Lesly Cambridge

Cambridge Consultant
Just a thought: the sticks are very sensitive. If you've spent the money on them, make sure you read the leaflet properly, wash and thoroughly dry your hands every time, shake one out, tightly close the pot, time it carefully, etc, etc.

If you get any positive colours, you're in ketosis. The first 2 or 3 shades are the most desirable, and deep purple means you are passing many spare ketones, even if you are drinking 4 litres or more.

But having said all that, some people never get an accurate reading, and the silliest thing I heard was the suggestion to save money by cutting the sticks in half along the length.....which will ruin them.

Simply put, if you're having all three (or four) portions of Cambridge Diet, 2.25 to 4 litres of water, and nothing else each day, if you're not hungry and you feel great - no matter what colour the stick shows, you're in ketosis.

And just to emphasise: ketosis is what makes CD safe as it protects your lean tissue. That's why it's important.

Clever, innit?
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Hi I've been on exante for 4 days now and have lost 10lbs :) just brought my ketostix and am in faible whatever that means lol.. Will I go deeper as time goes on..


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Flutterbye they are sticks you buy from the chemist, they are called reagent strips and when you wee on them they change colour if ketones are present, indicating whether or not you are in ketosis.

If you've ever been to the doctors with a suspected urine infection, the strips are similar to the ones they use there (although ketostix only react with ketones and not protein etc).. I think they are actually intended for diabetics although I'm not sure what the implications are for diabetics having ketones in their urine.

There is a colour scale on the side of the container telling you whether there are trace amounts of ketones or lots etc.

Apparently they are quite unreliable though and there are some people who don't like them. I find them useful as even when I'm in ketosis I'm really hungry and have headaches, so I'm never actually sure whether I'm in ketosis or not.

Hope that helps, I've just been woken up to a 2 year old jumping on me so it may be a bit jumbled :)


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