Ketosis - What do the colour codes mean???


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Hi everybody

I'm sure you have all had this question before, but I have to ask as can't fnd an answer in a previous thread.

What do the colour codes mean? :confused: I have taken two tests this week its the fourth colour from the left. First I thought I was dehydrated and have increased my water intake from 4 to 4.5 - 5 per day. As I don't understand it's meaning I'm beginning to wonder if I should forget all about checking if I'm in Ketosis. Does anyone know?
On the colour band you have beige which means you arent in ketosis, then the pinks go from faint to purple. I recommend you aim for the first two lighest pinks , the third you need to increase your water slightly and the last two increase water more as it means you could be dehydrated.


Thanks Julesrush

I will monitor my water intake as I know it is not good to be dehydrated and furthermore, it will affect my weight loss.

I can't have that :eek:
Personally, I didn't bother with the ketostix.

When I did, they always showed beige, even when I knew I was in ketosis. I tried 3 boxes, then gave up.
Once you are in ketosis, I wouldn't worry about checking it, as long as you do not go off SS then you should remain in Ketosis.

Mel :D
I was going to say the same as melanie, aslong as you are 100% on ss and drinking atleast the minimum amount of water i didnt bother with ketostix after the first pack.

Hi Guys

Yes I am 100% on SS so I am assuming that I must be in Ketosis. On a daily basis I won't worry too much about it, I'll concentrate on sticking to the diet and trying out some recipes.