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Hey girls,

Is it possible to slip into ketosis with no symptoms?

I am on day three (wooop) and finding it really easy, No headaches, no foul taste, enjoying most of shakes, no more hungry than usual and shakes do seem to satisfy it along with the gallons of water I am trying to get down me.

That all sounds great but it is having the oppisite affect for me, because everything is going so well i am wondering if I am in ketosis at all and whether I am losing weight. I haven't got scales so have kept away from weighing myself, would prefer to wait until my weigh in.

The only small sypmtoms I have had is from day 1 my hands feel cold, and today I feel slightly lightheaded but nothing too drastic. Is it too early for me or am I just coping well?

Thanks in advance for replies xx
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I never experienced any side-effects at all when I first started CD either and got into ketosis on about Day 3 (I used Ketostix to check whether I was in ketosis which I bought from my CDC).

The cold hands are a probable sign that you are in ketosis though, as well as the light-headedness. Just make sure you keep drinking enough water and you'll be fine!

Well done on getting to Day 3 so easily and good luck for the rest of your journey to Slimsville :D
Thank you so much, I have those sticks. I was going to try later on.. is it best to do in morning though with less diluted pee? lol xx
Definitely use them on the first wee of the day as your urine is at its most concentrated then as you aren't drinking overnight.

You can try later if you want and see what happens - but your wee is likely to be diluted from the water you've drunk already today :)

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