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Hey there......!! LL will be fine!! bet you're itching to get on with it now!!!

Ketosis......well....the breath isn't occassional - it's constant. You will also be freezing!! Your body shuts down any non-essential functions - I'm afraid heating you up isn't on the list as essential!!

As for any other side effects of ketosis, only really lots of energy, feeling good.

Effects of the diet however can range from headaches, constipation, nausea, feelings of shakiness, lightheadedness, diarrhoea and temporary hair loss.

In my experience I didn't get any of them and most are temporary certainly the headaches and nausea. They are all POSSIBLE but a lot of them are very rare side effects.

Don't worry, the chances are you'll be absolutely fine. :):):)


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Thanks Nicole, that's really helpful. It's good to know that some of those adverse side-effects are very rare - I shall dig out my woolies & thermals and hope they help with the drop in body temperature...

Yes, I am looking forward to starting LL - it's been a long time coming...

Hey, Good Luck with the rest of your last stone!!!


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Hi Shaz, I started LL on 7th Feb and like you I was worried about the effects of ketosis but, to be honest, I haven't find any real difficulties. I'm forever licking the back of my hand and sniffing but my breath has been fine to now. I also ask my 12yr old daughter to let me know if she notices anything but she insists there's no problem.

I slightly agree with Nicole that you can get cold sometimes. It has something to do with the fact that the body saves energy by cutting down some processes with the effect of restricting blood flow to the hands and feet. I couldn't seem to get warm yesterday evening, but that could have just been me rather than the diet.

When I started LL I thought I'd keep a diary of how things went. I decided to join the 21st century and do so in a blog. If you would like to have a look and see how my first 10 days have gone then please go to:


Good luck when you begin - it's worth it.:)