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Thought i would check my wee i do not do it that often, but when i last checked it, i was in ketosis.

Just checked now and it says neg 0 is this correct or have i done something wrong:confused:

I did this week take 6 bars, so i could have 1 a day:confused: do you think i should leave them alone:( xxx
I was recommended by my cdc that I do not eat anything during my first two weeks... so no bars :(

After that I have heard that you should only eat them every other day as they may knock you out of ketosis!?

Don't know if this is true!?!? Maybe this has happened to you?

Anyway Pebbles.. how's it going? How long have u been on CD and how much have u lost so far?
How have you found it?
Hi, b b f m

This is my 4th week, and so far i have lost 22lb,

my cdc said i can have 1 a day, but i think what you was told maybe right? because it has knocked me right out of ketosis.

i also could not have them in the first 2 weeks, so my first week of bars was last week, but i only took 3, so this week i have gone a bit mad?????

How are you, and how are you doing on this mad diet? xx
Also depends on how much water you had drunk too. When I test first thing its always dark purple, by the time I have drunk 4 litres (if i manage that much) it shows a trace only, sometimes even beige, as long as I keep loosing weight I dont get too hung up on it.
Thanx Angela,

i drink 4ltrs a day too another ltr if poss, i have just checked again and its pink, i think i will just leave it alone, because there is nothing i can do if it is beige.xx
Hey Peebles...

I am on day 12.. lol I am still counting each and every day! :)

So far I have lost 9lbs which makes me a happy bunny!

I havent had the joy of getting my teeth into a bar yet... I can't wait... my order is in... and I patiently wait for delivery day (Tuesday)

I have had a few emotional days so far... not been hungry really, or psychologically hungry... just pissed I can't eat some real food! I've been good tho.. and spent many a pissed moment finding refuge in the bath lol ;)

Hope all goes really well for you!

You can catch me online most the time if u fancy a chat... or a supportive ear to listen.. [email protected]

Thats my MSN... or PM me! :D

22lbs is a fab loss... Well on ur way to two stone! :eek:

Good luck!
Hi b b f m

Just come back from a b q, never had anything not even a sip of water, how hard was that, it felt like tourcher, all everyone talked about was fav meals. God how much dose your life revolve around food. So know i feel a bit iritated, i have got lovely red cheeks and not for a good reason. So i am going to get a bath calm myself, and then watch x factor. Good luck to you, keep in touch and thanks for your MSM. [sorry bout spellings] lol xxx
Hiya Pebbles, Since I started this diet I have never ever checked for Ketosis, the way I sort of see it is we are losing the weight, and not feeling physical hunger, emotional is another story!!!

I went away this week and was tempted to buy some sticks for when I get back but then I thought, nope, why bother, the diet is working for me.

I woul;dnt get too hung up on them at all, if you do the diet right, it works!

I have a bar every day without fail, and have lost upto 6lbs every week, apart from this week which I know is because I went away and ate proper food.

Fantastic work at the BBQ!!! very well done x
I agree. :)

I rarely tested in the pink in the foundation stage of LL but I can tell you that I never ever cheated on it so what possible benefits could testing my wee have given me? :confused:
I only show pink in the mornings, but I know I'm in ketosis the skanky breath is a dead give away.
And I will confess that I have on occasion had three bars a day!!! (it helps me go when I get a bit bunged, but the wind is ferocious). In the three weeks since I restarted I have lost 19lbs (if my maths is right) which is great for me. I had an excellent loss on the first week, 3 1/2 lbs the second and 4 the third. At this rate the next 15lbs should take me just 4 weeks. I don't honestly see the benefit of wee testing, as if I wasn't in ketosis I would not be losing the weight.

My theory, dont worry about the ketostix just follow the plan. The only thing they are good for is letting you know if you have cheated, but we all know that without a stick.