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I guys started yesterday and made day one. I have done in the past but you never know how similar the experience will be. Anyways forgot to ask for sticks and managed to get some from boots however I cant remember what colour/ no it is when you are in kestosis also my mouth is awful and I can't remember If it was day 3 that you tested or end of week one

Also I was wondering if I was correct that no sugar free juice could be added to water? Just for some variation

Anyways thanks for any responses I may get and sorry for all the questions

Here goes day two.
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I think any ponk colour is a showing of ketones in your wee.... so pink or purple is a pretty sure sign!!!!

I think ketosis (Usually) kicks in around days 3-5 so i guess you can check whenever you like really!!!

Afraid its a no to the fruit juice though hun!!! : (



Determind dieter :D
On the packet of ketostix it has a colour chart to show :) x x x
Thanks for that I saw the chart but I seem to remember it being somewhere in the middle of the scale but wasn't sure. Never mind I shall just miss the flavoured water and squash in water. Just thought all that water after a while may become harder to drink as it looses its appeal after awhile. Will just have to stick to coffee and teas.

Here goes day two. Thanks again


Determind dieter :D
Jane a way to mix it up slightly is to have flavoured tea's. I've heard some saying peppermint is rather nice ...I prefer to stick with green tea tbh as I normally had sugar with regular tea but never had it in green tea so it was easier to switch :D

Its around the pink/purple mark that you go into ketosis :) ...Good luck honey x x x

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