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Keytones - Shades of Pink ...


Determined to succeed ...
I'm sure this is a strange question, but just wanted to ask those with experience and knowledge about the Keytone testing.

I only ask 'cause my test was pale pink [ I couldn't decide if that was a 'trace' or a 'moderate'] and today it seemed to be pinker so definitely a 'moderate'

My questions are these:

* Does the amount of Keytones you have working for you affect how quickly you loose?


* Does this increase as with the amount of time you are on the Lipotrim TFF or not?

I guess none of this is really important as the weight loss will be what it will be and providing I just plod on at 100% there is nothing more I can do. I was just wondering if it's just we all work differently or if [like many of us dieters] I've messed up my bodies efficientcy over my lifetimes efforts to keep my weigh under control.

Just a thought - Thanks

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I do know that the level of ketones is affected by water (at least that is what I was told). So, if you are dehydrated, it is more likely to go into the red. However, drinking lots of water, as recommended, doesn't move you into the negative for ketones zone.

My weight loss does not seem to be affected by the amount of ketones (I check mine at least once per day using Ketastix bought at a chemist).


Determined to succeed ...
Thank you girls - I don't know the answer...

I do my keytone test First thing in the morning - you know the get out of bed, go the the bathroom, find a glass of water routine... So I would have thought the results would be pretty consistent with me and not affected by the vast amounts of water we consume during the day...

I am curious though as we haven't yet really received
an answer... Thought maybe one of the experienced moderators may have picked it up and shared their wealth of knowledge, they're usually so helpful ... :doh:

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