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  1. naomi1611

    naomi1611 Will B Slim

    for the whole family but not me and i sat there with a glass of water and it didnt bother me at all :D Normally i have to run and hide and stay upstairs but i am in my zone now :D:D
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  3. truffleshuffle

    truffleshuffle Full Member

    Well done hun!!!! :D
  4. Pheonix-Rising

    Pheonix-Rising Full Member

    yaaay well done! Thats willpower....KFC would have done it for me for sure! xx
  5. Traceyb

    Traceyb Full Member

    Well done you, you are defintiely in the Zone.

    x x
  6. 909

    909 Member

    I've just been begging for a kebab of all things.... OH is keeping me on track :)
  7. louisa83

    louisa83 Full Member

    Lol well done for resisting hun xxx
  8. maro11

    maro11 Full Member

    Don't think I could have resisted KFC. Used to have it once a week and got a bit fed up with it, now I would KILL for some!!! that is how I got so fat in the first place.
    You did well to resist, I could not have it in the house
  9. Blingbabe

    Blingbabe Back On Track!

    I am KFC mad, its that secret blend of spices and herbs etc. And also something nostalgic, as a child there were less fast food choices (I am 41) so KFC was a great treat.
    Very well done - its great being in the 'zone'!
  10. JimmyShoo

    JimmyShoo Silver Member

    Well done for staying focused. Bleurgh though KFC i used to like them but i think they got all greasy and i last time i had one which is about 8 months ago i felt very sick after x

    Oh and 909 i am watching you too NO KEBAB lmao x
  11. naomi1611

    naomi1611 Will B Slim

    Thanks guys it does feel great to get to that place where you feel invincible "Food i laugh at you haha" lol. Today was just as great lovely sunday dinner hubby had made and again i just had my coffee but was able to sit with the family:)...909 NO KEBAB lol

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