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Khandi's Weight Loss & Food Diary


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Hello everyone,

I started SW last year and lost approx 2 stones in total. However, i tend to get bored easily and towards the end i was not following the plan and put some of the weight back on.

I tried to do Lipotrim on Oct 08 but i only manged 1.5 weeks as i got really sick on it. I did loose jus over a stone. But then i didn't watch my eating and kinda went all out. So with my 30th birthday and Christmas which has just happened i have put on a stone.

So i am back again trying to loose some weight. I did not find the group meetings that helpful, and with low funds i am reluctant to go back. Therefore i am going to try to follow the SW plan as a DIYer. I have read about the new extra easy plan which looks like it would suit me well.
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S: 11st1lb C: 9st10lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 21.3 Loss: 1st5lb(12.26%)
Hi Khandi, :) good luck on your weight loss goals, you can do it. I am also doing it myself without the groups (but only cause i cant get to one) xx


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Thank you
Good luck with your weight loss


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Monday 12 Jan 09

Going to try to do the extra easy plan. I hope that i have understood it correctly.

Breakfast: 2 slices of bread from 400g loaf taken as HEXB, sprayed with fry light (free)
Baked Beans - free
42g reduced fat cheddar taken as HEXA
Sugar free drink - free

A dose of Buttercup Original Cough Syrup - I'm not sure of the syn value but i was informed for unbranded it's 1.5 syns. I do not know if it's per dose but i think so

Lunch: Cous Cous lemon and coriander flavour - free
Water - free

2 lockets lozenges not sure of the syn value but was informed it was 1.5 syns

Snack - grapes -free

Dinner - very low fat yoghurt. I do not eat Muller bcos it contains geletine. This is Tescos version so i assume that it's free as well
SW chips - free
Lamb chop - free
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S: 11st1lb C: 9st10lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 21.3 Loss: 1st5lb(12.26%)
Hope your day goes well.Sounds good! xx


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Tuesday 13:01:09 EE

Breakfast - well i kinda missed breakfast. It was not intentional jus the time that i got up. Because of my working pattern on a Tuesday if i had breakfast it would be too close to lunch. I did eat a yogurt - free

Lunch - pasta quiche: made with pasta -free, eggs - free, mushrooms - free, spring onion - free, pepper -free, seasoning - free, cottage cheese 0.5 syns. I made a mistake and thought tht flavoured was free as well but it's not :(
- Veg - broc, cali, baby carots - free
- Sugar free drink - free

A dose of buttercup cough syrup - 1.5 syns

Snacks: Apple - free
Grapres - free
Alpen light bars (2) - HEXB

Dinner - rest of the pasta quiche - 0.5 syns
Veg - Broc, Cali, Corn on cob - free
Sugar free drink - free

Total syns for day: 2.5

I could actually count this as a green day cos i've had no meat but i'll still record it under EE


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Wednesday 14:0:09 EE

Today was a bad day, i started off with good intentions and it kinda went to pot

Breakfast: Scrammbled eggs with spring onion - free
Baked Beans - free
Quorn Sausage - free

Lunch: Cous cous - free
Brocoli, Califlower and Baby carrots - free
Lamb - free (although i removed the fat i have a feeling that the piece wasn't really that lean so i may have incurred some syns)
Gravy made with Vicon - free (that is some nasty gravy, but it wet the food and that is the made thing)

Then although i was stuffed i kept thinking i was hungry so this where i kinda went to pot. I'm also an emotional eater

Skinny Cow Mint hot choc - 2syns
Alpen light bars - HEXB

Dinner was rest of cous cous and some lamb (very small) - free
Yogurt - free

Then i went mad and made toast from 400g loaf - not sure of syn value i don't have book to hand,
marg -
reduced fat cheddar (didn't weigh)
Reduced sugar tomato ketchup -
Don't know how many syns i incurred with this lot. So annoyed with myself for doing this but then i thought tomorrow is another day.

Buttercup cough syrup - 1.5 syns

But this day got me thinking about SW diet and my own perception of it which needs working on. Although technically nothing is banned and we can eat what we want (counting the syns) and have as much of the free foods, i still feel as that i am being restricted. Whereas before i would be happy to have porridge, cereal or toast for brekkie, sandwich for lunch and something in the evening (although i may eat biccies at work or have crisps), now i feel like I can't do that. So if i have cous cous for lunch at work i feel that i wont be full and it has to be loads to fill me and it doesn't matter cos it's "free" food. Although i know we have to control our portion size cos no food is calorie free. I think my thinking behind it is i'm being restricted in one area so eat loads on the "free" food and it doesnt matter cos it's free. I know it's not logical and i need to work on this otherwise i will sabotage myself.


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Thursday 15:01:09 EE

Try to get back on it

Breakfast: 2x weetabix - HEXB
250ml soya milk - HExA

Lunch: Cous Cous - free
Lamb - free
grapes -free
Apple - free

Snack: Carrot sticks - free
Celery - free
Houmous - free. My own recipe totally syn free & totally yummy

Dinner: Lamb - free
noodles - free
stir fry veg - free

Buttercup cough syrup - 1.5 syns


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Friday 16:01:09 Green

Breakfast: 250ml sweeten soya milk - HEx A
2x Weetabix - HExB

Lunch: Carrots - free
My syn free houmous - free
Crackers - HExB
Yogurt - free

Snack - grapes - free

Dinner: Quorn Curry - free
Rice - free

I've also made a syn free cous cous cake (my own recipe) and i will probably have a slice of that later