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Ki Fit


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It's a calorie and weiht management system. It's an armband that monitors everything. calories burnt, steps, sleep efficiency. It's really clever. It also comes with an online activity manager so you plug it in to your computer and enter your food and it'll just do all the maths for you in terms of calorie deficits. It's the UK version of the bodybugg they use on the Biggest Loser... x


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I got the standard package for 99 with the monthly payments. It's just made me feel so in control already. Ask Santa! lol x


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oooh, very tempting!


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Santa is skint at the moment lol looking to buy a new house so no big pressies this year, hopefully packing and lifting all them boxes and the stress of it all will burn a few calories :)

Let us know how you get on hun might bear it in mind for when money is flowing more freely.

Malibu xx


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Hi Livi,

Are you still using your monitor? I got mine this week and am in love!



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If you want an hour by hour report on the calories burn than yes - you need the software. And it's not just a standalone program, it's access to kifit online system so you need to be online. Subscription is a pain, though after the initial purchase it works out at £10 a month so is not that bad.
I got a display that syncs with the armband, it shows a ballpark figure for calories, steps taken, active minutes in the last 24 hours for today and yesterday. My intention is to monitor what I burn depending on activity for a few months with subscription. Then drop it and carry on with the display only.
HTH, Kat


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gettingfitat50 said:
I have the fitbit and really impress with it.You don't need a monthly sub.

Take a look.


Is it just a posh pedometer? Maybe you'd b better with a heart rate monitor mine was under £15 from tesco and gives me my calories burn't. Or if u have a smart phone the runkeeper apps tracks ur walks via gps and calculates cals burnt and distance and is free x

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