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kids and sw

Generally yes we do - if eating together that is.

Sometimes me & my hubby eat later on & that maybe something different to my two (1 & 3) - but most of the time we do. Things like casseroles, cottage pies, pasta bakes, fish & chips etc are all easy to do & the kids eat with us, other things like SW KFC Chicken & kebabs the girls arn't that into & we'll just have them at the weekend later x


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Yes absolutely! You are not a short order cook so one meal for the whole family :D

Its all "normal" healthy food so no reason why the kids shouldnt eat the same as you - you will be teaching them good eating habits as well so pluses all round

If they are a bit resistant get them to help you choose the menu and ingredients and then be assistant chef ;)
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I have a 4 year old and an 11 month old who both eat the same meals as me, we used ti eat different stuff before SW as i wouldn't feed them the crap i was gobbling!
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Most of the time yes. Mine are 3, 4 and 5 yrs old. The only time they don't have the same thing as us is when we want something spicy or something they don't like, but they love pitta pizzas, spag bol, cottage pie, pasta etc... No need to make seperate meals since it isn't a diet. In fact when we go shopping now, my eldest daughter will say "We can't have that mummy can we? Because it's not healthy" Of course I tell her that once in a while a treat is nice, but in general we eat healthily. I'm lucky though because my kids absolutely love their veg so it makes it easy for us.
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I have a 9 year old daughter that loves the food that I cook but an 11 year old son that hates everything!!! He is just a fussy bugger but i usually make a lovely pudding for them and he cant have it until he has cleared his plate ... it works wonders!!

I have been on SW since July and as i do the majority of the cooking, my hubby eats what i eat and he is not fussy at all .... weve both agreed that its much healthier and its definately not a diet ... and the icing on the cake is that he has lost more than a stone and a half as well ... so its a win win situation ... just got to work on our fussy son!!!
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Hi very interesting question.

I know some people (I refer to another forum I frequent) with "fussy eaters" have kids who are really fussy eaters - that usually reads will only eat chicken nuggets and fries!! - that's not fussy but restrictive!

Now SW is more than a diet as we all know. it is a plan and a healthy eating plan at that. I see no reason why family members, be they kids, siblings, parents of any age cannot benefit from a healthy and varied diet.

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I've 3 kids 2, 3 & 5 we all have the same meals. I think its encourages healthy choices from an early age which is great.


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My daughter eats what we eat (my sons too young). The only exceptions are when we want to have a quiet tea later on when i'll probably do her something like beans and egg which is SW friendly anyway, or when I'm making something spicey (she's not good with spice).
We do make things like SW pizza, chips and chicken nuggets though so if your kids miss things like that you can just make them SW :)
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Yes my 5 year old eats same as me, but I also have things in the freezer like fish fingers, nuggets and pizza etc as sometimes he doesn't fancy what I've made (chilli, curry etc) then he has his fish fingers with the rice and veg I'm having with mine if that makes sense!! OH on the other hand will only eat junk!!
yep your children can eat exactly the same as you, as long as you are not adding lots of salt to recipes or artificial sweeteners which children should avoid, then it is fine. All the free foods etc include lots of fruit and veg and lean meats etc which are extremely healthy.
We always eat the same foods here, (my sons are 2 and 3) BUT I make sure they have full fat cheese, milk and yoghurts as well as some extra treats during the day as well as it is vitally important that children's diets include fats (the right type of course!).

Just something to be aware of if your children are eating the same meals as you :) The SW website says SW is fine for children over 5 though!
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Hiya my 20month girl eats the same SW meals I have majority of the time and has extra snacks that is have to syn. My hubby is 50/50 on SW. He doesn't really deviate from chips or mash so I always do the same meat, veg but do different potatos.

I've found this leads to more EE days too

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