Kids are annoying me and I want food!!


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I always want to eat when the kids annoy me!Aaaaaargh I am so glad school starts again tomorrow!!!
Aw, that's not good, just try & keep yourself busy & avoid food at all costs! My daughter went back today, so the house is lovely & quiet, it's so nice to be able to do my own thing again!

Keep up with your water, tomorrow will soon be here :)
Oooh I know how you feel. No kids here just the 'workers'...not that anyone is working much today. No one seems to want to do anything after the Xmas hols. :D :D :D

I keep dreaming about Maltesers!! ((yummy yummy). It would be so easy to sneak off downstairs and go and get a packet to munch on but am resisting (so far anyway!) LOL.

Off to get another glass of water instead! :)

Think there are quite a few of us with the 'wants' today.

Deb x