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Kinda down!


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
My weight loss has been
1st pop in (after 3 days) - 8lbs
1st week WI - 1lb
2nd week WI - 5lb
3rd week WI - 2lb

The 3rd one was last night, I just feel down because even though I know looking at the big picture it's 16lbs over 3 weeks which I'd never acheive on WW or a diet like that, but it's still the lowest in the group. Plus I'm off to Amsterdam on Monday for 3 days and my Adult state has made the deicision to have one small evening meal a day of green salad and grilled chicken or fish, but now my rebellious child is saying eff it, have fajitas at the lovey mexican place and a ham and cheese toastie in Dam square when you get there! and lashings of hot chocolate with cream and then there's that fantastic vodka bar...

Everyone in my group has lost loads and I'm really sticking to it but it's just not happening, someone in my group had 1 foodback a day for the last 5 days( she couldn't stomach the packs) and the ate some tinned tomoatoes on Wednesday and not stomached the water and has lost 5lbs this week. I know I shouldn't compare, but I can't help it. I feel down and dejected about the whole thing at the moment.

BUT I got some new clothes from Dotty Ps on WEdnesday and am wearing the m to work to day Jeans and a t-shirt and I do look good - not Cameron Diaz good, but size 20, sexy and confident good! so it balances out and I know I must be losing inches but I feel without the weight loss everyone must think I'm doing something wrong and eating!!

Sorry for the rant and if this doesn't make sense but needed to get it out!!

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Hi Helen


When i first looked at your losses i could see why you were feeling down but really....after week 1 you had lost 9lb, then 5lb in week 2, ok so 2lb this week may be a disappointment but hey you might loose 3 or 4lb next week. You will loose at least 1 stone a month but your losses may go up and down week....the end result will be the same - slim!!!

Have a good break away but don't give in to food, it makes it hell of a lot harder, honestly- i know!

Take Care


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:hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99: :hug99:

You're doing brillliantly!!!! My 3rd week was poor also, but made up for it in week 4. Reading other peoples posts, I think this is quite common and if you have a slow loss one week, the next week seems to make up for it. Have you measured, you'll probably find your inches have gone down:D

Keep your chin up and try not to be disheartened!! You're doing great!!!!!!!!



Taking it Day by Day
As you said, looking at the overall picture helps, but I know how you feel. In my group we actually had about 3 people who at their second weigh in hadn't lost and the atmosphere was really low for a while but they did make up for it the next week. My counselor said that it could be water retention (she says she can weigh the water if we drink a lot before the weigh in) or that time of month. I suppose our bodies can be a bit unpredictable, but I think it's good to know that over the three months it will level out to be about 3lbs a week. Keep on going and be careful with the food on your holiday.
G: 11st10lb
Hi Helen

I know I'm sticking me oar in... so tell me to sod off if you like.. lol

Please don't compare yourself to anyone else in your group. This is your weightloss journey.

Forget all this adult and child stuff. You ARE an adult. You WILL make your choices when you get there.

You have done fantastically to lose over a stone in just 3 weigh ins! That in itself is a massive achievement. The lady who lost 5lbs has done herself no favours at all, the way she did it was incredibly unhealthy and very very poor nutritionally and she is NOT a shining example of what to do at all! YOU have stuck to it, you are seeing the benefits already - that is what's important.

You will make the choices you make and face the consequences accordingly - that's the only certainty. I love Amsterdam and can picture all the places and eateries you mentioned. Just think though, how much better they will all seem in a few short months time when you are down into your size 16's or 14's... and how much better you will feel if you can rein in those urges this time.

Whatever you do, do it for you and no-one else. You really have done so well so far. Your physiology is different to everyone elses, as are thiers to one another too. That's why the diet means differing losses for every single person who does it.

All I can advise is to hang on in there if you can. It WILL and DOES work (and you are living proof of that) and sod the rest of the group! lol Seriously - their weight loss is irrelevant in your life. :D

Don't beat yourself up about it, do what you want, when you want and think before you make your food decisions and then at least you will have considered them and won't be hard on yourself after..

The scales are only an indicator of how we do on VLCD, it's how you feel inside and the measurements too that are the reality.

Good luck, have a fab time in Amsterdam (ah, I remember it well.. lol) and know that you should feel very proud to have done so well already!

All the very best to you xx

Just Do It

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C: 13st3.0lb
Hi Helen, stay positive. You are doing WELL. You say yourself its a good loss over 3 weeks but we always want more.

Last week one of my class had gained and another lost only 1 lb. This week they lost 4.5 and 5.2 respectively.

Keep on going, shut that rebellious child up. It wants to sabotage your success to date.

Its not like WW where you can pretend a disappointing loss is not your fault when you had really not counted everything or gone over on your portion sizes. You ARE sticking to it and the rules are it WILL come off.

Try saying to yourself "I've lost 1 stone 2lbs in 3 weeks" repeatedly (it sounds more amazing when you put it like that). Let it sink in. Sometimes I think that our losses are so good that we don't realise how incredible it is to lose so much in such a short space of time.

Before we have time to take in that we've lost 16lbs we've gone and lost more, then that doesn't sink in.

Have a good time in Amsterdam, over a stone lighter and don't give in to the fajhitas.


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S: 236lb C: 232lb G: 196lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 4lb(1.69%)
Thank you all so much for your support and commetns, I've been swishing around work all day in my new clothes and look and feel pretty damn good!

Thanks again.



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Helen 16lbs in 3 weeks is a brilliant loss, believe me there is nothing small about that weight loss. You go and enjoy Amsterdam (simply one of the best cities anywhere) and enjoy parading in your new clothes - have a lovely time.


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