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Kinect for xbox?

Hi, not sure if this has been discussed yet. I've scrolled through looking, but I'm on my phone so it takes a while :)

We got a kinect for our Xbox at Christmas. It is amazing! I prefer it so much more than the wii. We've got a few games, but I tried the Biggest Loser game yesterday and I'm aching today lol. It's really hard.

Anyone else got a kinect? x

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Heya helly
I have the kinect but not bought the biggest loser, we have your shape which i think is great and ea active 2 which i wasnt as impressed with as it seems like alot of running on the spot. Also think dance central is very good for a laugh and a simple way of exercising


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Yes i have a kinect,i have Your Shape and Dance Central love them both :D
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Hiya, yeah we have Kinect too, I have your shape evolved which although it does get me achy and sweaty, bores me stupid! Tonight i did a bit of it and then i swapped and did adventures for a bit and i was bouncing about and getting more puffed out with that and i didn't really notice because i was having fun!

I was thinking about getting Zumba but heard it isn't that good, i tried dance central but didn't like it to be honest. What is Biggest loser like?
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I have tried the Zumba game and ended up returning it to the store, it didnt reconise me or the moves i was making and it seemed that the avatar on the game was moving at a 100 miles an hour
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I ended up buying Zumba yesterday and I agree that she moves too fast but I wasn't worried about scoring points so if I couldn't keep up as fast I just did my best and wiggled! I had fun and was feeling like I had worked out

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Hey Helly, come join us in the "Wii Exercise Challenge" thread - its for ALL console exercising, so we'd love to see you in there for March with your Kinect workouts :) x
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I got a kinnect for Christmas and it is really good, the Zumba isnt good at all, really slow, but the dvd's for Zumba are brilliant! I do like the look of the Dance Central one, especialy if i laughas much as doing the Zumba DVD!! Is it as good as it looks? :)
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i've got the biggest loser kinetics thing and am most disappointed. i've only done it once. i was expecting them to lead me through a 20-30 mins routine but you have to choose what you want to work on. :( i don't like it. i have the wii biggest loser so i'll have to give that a go and see. i didn't like the reviews of the zumba game on the kinetic so i've pre-ordered the one for wii but i have to wait til beg of april :(
I'd love to get Dance Central...it looks fab! The Biggest Loser is really good, hard work but as mentioned above you have to choose what parts of the body you want to work on. Although you can save your favourite workouts to create your own plan. The thing I like about Biggest Loser is that if you don't perform a move properly it alerts you and tells you what you're dpi g wrong. I was doing lunges and it told me that my knee wasn't lunging low enough!

I always check the reviews on amazon and saw the Zumba reviews were terrible. I was gutted cos I would've loved to try it.

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to be honest my zumba works fine, but when she shoots off and there is no way i can keep up with her i just "add my own flavour" its still good fun!

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