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Kirstie's LT journey/diary!

hi all

i have started LT today. i am nervous an excited bout it. i did do diet chef and go lower and lost over a stone with them but have never got to my target weight.i have been calorie counting and was getting impatient seein 1lb losses so i decided to give this a go as u get quik results. i am 11st4 an my target weight is 8st10.

my 1st day hasnt been 2 bad. i bought a nintendo ds so that keeps me occupied an shud be startin my drivin lessons soon. i made my son some pizza earlier an managed 2 resist it. i just keep thinkin about how much i wanna lose weight. i would really like to shock my ex but more importantly, this is 4 me!

i have been readin all the posts on this forum and every1 has done brilliantly so gd luck every1

kirstie x
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Hey well done you for doing so great, Im aiming to start tomoro for a second time and this time im so determined to shift the weight.
Anyone from n,ireland.

Happy new year to everyone :p:p:p


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
Well done on starting. Im from coventry too. Which chemist are you using?
Day 2 on LT

i have thought about food quite a lot 2day. it has been a lot harder today but i have resisted. i read these forums for inspiration an i bought a lighterlife mag as well since there isnt a lipotrim 1.
Hi Kirst!!

don't worry about thinking about food as i still think about it all the time and i'm just over 5 weeks!!!

hope it all goes well and happy new year

Jay ;)
thats a great way to think about it as i did Weight Watchers last year and it seemed as though i'd be on it forever!!!!

i've given my self 10/11 weeks of full TFR then a couple of weeks refeed and i'd hopefully be at my target

Jay ;)

happy new year nearly!!!!!
Day 3

have really struggled today. have been soooo hungry that ive felt sick. i ate a bit of salmon and hot dog sausages and it was only 1.2g carbs so i will still be goin into ketosis. i was going to give up completely and have a sandwich but i really want to do this and want this to be the last diet i do.im not touchin any more food now. i think im goin into ketosis as im not feelin so hungry now YAY so am gonna plod on an get on wiv it!!!
hey, yeah done it for a few weeks to be honest i wish i had have kept it up i wasnt hungry but missed chewing sound silly i no...I hated the bad breath too but was using the breath strips but to be honest they where ok, any ideas on how to deal with the bad breath :) the other thing put me off was that i had really bad shakes wanted to no i u experienced them. To be honest im glad im startin again cus I want to get rid of the weight problem once and for all...good luck to u.
yeah im missin havin sumthin to munch on.it feels so strange drinkin all the time an not eatin but shud get used 2 it after a while.jus need 2 get into a routine. so we cant have sugar free chewin gum on this diet then?? i wasnt goin to have any but jus wondered. im not sure what to do bout the breath. what about 1 of them breath fresheners that u spray in ur mouth?? i havent had the shakes but do feel strange!
Naw you cant have gum cus it interferes with the ketosis you can buy breath strips which are ok like but im still paranoid. I find the shakes ok i switch between the strawberry and choc, I think this time i mite make a mousse out of them to help me think im eating :) hahaha...
i keep forgettin that we can make mousses out of them. i havent tried that yet.yeah at least it will make us feel like we are eatin sumthin. i like the choc 1, it reminds me of cake mix before its cooked.i havent tried the strawberry 1 or soup or flapjacks yet. i was thinkin bout gettin the soup nxt time but ive herd bad comments bout it!


Getting lewdwith the food
I'm in ketosis, and no one's mentioned that I smell! I asked a friend straight out if my breath was rank and was told that it was fine.

My pharmacist said that as long as you're getting the right amount of water down any ketones on the breath won't be noticable at a social distance...mayget some strips to put in over night though, as am waking up with a slightly horrible taste in my mouth!
Day 4

had a half a tin of mackerel in tom sauce an couple of slices of ham. im in ketosis but im still bit hungry.

Day 5

had bacon an eggs this mornin. i feel really bad wen u lot are jus havin shakes. i eat wen im stressed an was pretty stressed this morn. i even had a cigarette. dont normally smoke either. i think cuz im eatin a little each then that is wot is makin me more hungry but its the start of a new week 2moro and shakes it is!!

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