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Kirsty - Determined it will work :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by kirsty_baird_26, 10 April 2013 Social URL.

  1. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Hey everyone,

    Iv been on this board before a while ago and did manage to lose some weight but it always stalled and i gave up as i couldn't lose anymore - constantly playing with the same few pounds
    However decided to bite the bullet and rejoin sw tonight at my old class as its a new consultant who iv heard was better and more motivational. Im so so nervous about going as this time im doing it alone, last time my friend came with me.

    Anyways a bit about me... im 25 from Scotland. I want to lose around 2 stone will know how much exactly tonight when im weighed. Iv been struggling to lose weight all my adult life and was diagnosed with PCOS and an underactive thyroid since i was 16, the doctors tell me this is why i am struggling to lose weight but it doesn't stop me wanting to lose. Iv recently been put on thyroxine all be it a very small dose to see if this will help as doctors are very reluctant to give me thyroxine for some reason - i think due to it not staying proper underactive as it has been going from borderline to under for years but last year its stayed under slowly getting worse this is why im now on thyroxine. For my PCOS all they have done is give me the pill to settle my periods, and skin problems.

    Anyways im off to class tonight so wish me luck as im so nervous going back.

    Thanks Kirsty
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  3. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Well i went back to class last night and everyone was lovely! The new consultant seems great also :)

    Last night before class i made a syn free soup (Tomato) and asda meat free spaghetti for tonight (I know there some syns will work it out)

    So far so good :)
  4. Princess_Stevie

    Princess_Stevie Gold Member

    Well done for biting the bullet and going back!

    I know what you mean about going alone - when I first joined my mam used to come along with me. She didn't do Slimming World but she came along for moral support. After a while, when I got to know the consultant and members a little more I felt comfortable to go along on my own. Now, more 2 years down the line, I look forward to going to group each week and am even on the social team, helping to process member's payments each week. Having a good C and group have really helped me, so I'm pleased that you have found everyone lovely!

    Hope you have a great first week :)
  5. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Thank you :)

    The consultant seems alot more out going and knowledgeable than the one i had before which is part of the reason i left so think im glad i went back :)

    Todays plan

    11 April 2013 - EE

    B - Orange, Pineapple and Grapes with 2tbsp onken Natural Yoghurt and a green Tea

    Snack - Mullerlight Turkish Delight and water

    L - Homemade tomato soup (Chopped tomatoes, 2 tomatoes, 2 peppers, half a courgette, red onion, stock cube and herbs)

    Snack - pineapple & Grapes

    D - homemade spaghetti & meatballs (Asda meat free mince & meatballs - 2 syns as used 1/2 packet between 3) with chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions, courgette and mushrooms with 2 laughing cow light triangles grates on top (was unsure how to eat so much cheese as i don't really like it and seen someone say freezing it and grating it on spaghetti etc works so ill try that)

    Supper - 2 laughing cow light triangles in a quiche with bachelors pasta ham & leek 0.5 syns with peppers, onion, mushroom & courgette and a tomato (Use half and other half for breakfast) and 2 x 400g wholemeal bread

    Syns - 2.5/15
    Total weekly - 2.5/105
    Drinks - water apart from green tea

    Thats the plan for today to be honest i struggle with my hex a as i don't really like cheese or milk much!!
    Last edited: 12 April 2013
  6. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Day two back on track and its the weekend YAYYYYYYYYY :)

    I love weekends (Who doesn't - no more work and i get to spend it with the boyfriend) - who is cooking me a lovely meal tonight - he is so supportive of any diet i try and always adapts to suit my needs, keeping me on track and nagging when im bad to ensure i stick to it (At my request) - so tonight he is cooking my stuffed chicken served with sweet potato mash and roasted veg all done in fry light :) Syn free meal for me!!

    Friday 12th April 2013 - EE

    B - last night i made the sw pasta quiche thing, with ham & leek batchelors pasta which has half a syn i no idea how to syn it as i had half last night and rest for breakfast but i used 0.5 syn last night for it so sure it be ok, so that was made with eggs, mushrooms, onions, peppers, courgette and a tomato with 2 dairylea triangles served with hex b toast and 1 more triangle.

    Snack for all day - big tub of pineapple and a few grapes

    L - homemade soup same as yesterday

    D - chicken stuffed with part hex a cheese, basil and green pesto asda choosen by us 2tbsp - 3 syns, sweet potato mash and roasted veg in fry light

    Drinks - green tea or water

    SYNS - teaser (Malteaser bar think its 9.5 and 3 vodka diet juice 12)
    Syns - 24.5/15
    26.5/105 weekly (This will change today as probably have a few drinks but will update)
    Last edited: 15 April 2013
  7. Jodieboo

    Jodieboo Gold Member

    Hellooo! Nipping in to subscribe :)
  8. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    My lovely dinner 3 syns for pesto

  9. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    My lovely dinner 1.5 syns for pesto


    My lovely soup - lentil and bacon first time i made it :) will updat properly tomorrow! Decided ill add pics my wee blog

  10. Jodieboo

    Jodieboo Gold Member

    Your blog should have a warning!!


    Don't want to eat again tonight but nommmm
  11. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Haha sorry!!

    Iv got more for tonight my quorn chilli :) Hope you had a good weekend filling in mine here and will pop over to yours in a bit :)
  12. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Saturday 13th April 2013 = EE

    B - 2 x small brown bread, 1 x dairlea triangle and a kiwi fruit

    L - out for lunch with the BF at weatherspoons (Had chicken & Pepper skewers and a few tbsp piri piri sauce over my salad and some rice counted 5 syns for sauce and oil??)

    D - We had steak in and stuff to go with it but couldn't get gas to work so had to call a chinese RAGINGGGGGGGGGGG but i managed to be good chicken, black bean sauce and boiled rice i even stayed away from prawn crackers :) 5 syns (Dinner stuff been frozen for next week at the BF's)

    Drinks - water or peach schnapps & Diet Irn Bru * 5 (22.5 syns)

    Syns - 32.5 syns
    Weekly - 59 Syns

    Sunday 14th April 2013 - EE

    Brunch - 2 x small brown bread with dairlea triangle and 2 boiled eggs with some cherry tomatoes

    Dinner - chicken stuffed with green pesto and basil with part hex a cheese (1.5 syns), served with roasted veg (Carrot, Pepper, Courgette, Mushrooms) and loaded potato skins with bacon, mushrooms, spring onions and other part hex a cheese

    Snack - curly wurly (6 syns)

    Supper - home made lentil & bacon soup (Lentils, Bacon, Garlic, Carrots, Onions)

    *****See posts above for pictures :) *****

    Syns - 7.5 Syns
    Weekly - 66.5 Syns

    Last edited: 15 April 2013
  13. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Had a not to bad first weekend back on slimming world :) Weekend was hard but it will get easier!

    Made dinner last night for everyone who loved it so thats good :) Also made pot homemade soup lentil & bacon first time iv made it before and loved it and also made quorn chilli for tonights dinner :) again a massive pot so can freeze some!

    Monday 15th April 2013 - EE

    B - Fruit salad with strawberry mullerlight (2 types of Melon, Pineapple & Strawberries)

    Snack - 1/2 orange and apple

    L - home made lentil & bacon soup and fruit other half orange, melon & pineapple

    D - homemade quorn chilli - (Pasatta, onion, mushrooms, peppers, courgette, carrot and two tins mixed beans with chilli powder, cumin & Garlic) served with rice

    S - hex b bread 2 x small 400g bread, eggs and dairlea triangle (part hex a) with some mushrooms

    Syns - 0/15
    Weekly - 66.5
    Last edited: 15 April 2013
  14. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Tonights quorn chilli packed with veg
  15. Jodieboo

    Jodieboo Gold Member


    Come to my house and cook for me? :D
  16. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Haha i was disapointed it wasnt even that nice haha not very chilli flavouring lols! Hope u had a good day x
  17. Jodieboo

    Jodieboo Gold Member

    Not had too bad of a day thank you chicky :)

    Had the doctors today about the ear and he's only prescribed olive oil drops -_- not done a single thing and this is the second night I've had less sleep than needed to function! I went to bed at 10pm after 2 hours sleep the night before then woke up at 3.30am this morning! Gaaah!

    Planning on doing a load of washing soon, if it stops raining that is so I can put it out on the line, and then go into town to pay my rent and go to the local fruit and veg shop for breakfast and lunch ingredients :) I might even do some spring cleaning too when I get back... I *WILL* wear myself out enough today to get a decent nights kip!!
  18. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    Awww god doctors are so annoying sometimes hope it clears soon and you sleep better!!

    Good plan about fruit & veg market :)

    Got wi tomorrow and not sure what to have for dinner before i go haha as im scared ill weigh more but i had it last week before i weighed!!
  19. Jodieboo

    Jodieboo Gold Member

    Back from town, I got bargains!!

    I got..

    2 bags of 6 bananas, 2 bags of grapes, a bag of oranges, a bag of apples, a lettuce, 2 cucumbers, 2 punnets of cherry tomatoes, 2 big peppers and a bag of celery all for £7.50!

    I used to eat VERY light the day before WI, mainly just salad and then never eat or drink until I'd been weighed on the day, haha! Now I WI at home on a Monday morning - in the buff! - so I don't have to starve myself all day lmao!
  20. kirsty_baird_26

    kirsty_baird_26 Gold Member

    OMG how did you get all that so cheap would have been double that or more here welldone!!

    haha a know no idea what to do its not till 7.30pm and don't get in till 9 after it!!
  21. Jodieboo

    Jodieboo Gold Member

    It's just a little family run shop! But they do get a lot of business, I guess that's why their prices are low, AND they're smack bang in the middle of town. I'm hoping this stuff will last me the week anyway :D

    I have no idea how I coped, I was working at the time as well as a priority dispatcher for Caterpillar (the digger company) so I was running around like a headless chicken all day, locating priority parts out of massive containers of other parts or having to leg it to the other side of the warehouse to check the stock whilst on the phone to the company! I used to get VERY thirsty, I remember that, and used to smoke loads on the lunch break to make up for the food haha!

    Take a healthy snack with you for after you've been weighed, then you can sit there and munch while you're having your image therapy! Ooooorrrr do what I did and chew your arm off until you could make it to the nearest chippy for a doner kebab hahaha! I don't recommend it though :p I'm not sabotaging you! xx

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