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Total Solution Ky's last ever diet ?

Day 1
Weight 14.5
Loss 0lb

Well hello lovely people of minimims! I have decided to start a diary as I generally get to about day 10 and hit a massive mental block - food starts talking to me! Hopefully this way I can come on here and have a little rant and have someone give me a talking to so I stay on track!

I have 4 1/2 stone to lose and I would love to get there by my birthday in march... Seems impossible at the moment, but hopefully I will be there or there abouts. Mini goal in the meantime is 2 stone by Xmas. I hope this is achievable even with certain social commitments coming up?

Feeling very positive today, even whilst watching a cookery programme lol! Only day 1 though and know I will probably have a tough few days ahead... Plus the dreaded weekend!

I do not want to be fat for the rest of my life, I want to look good in my clothes and feel happy when I look in the mirror, I want to be more confident. I do not want to turn to food anymore when I need some comfort. (little note to myself there for 10 days time when food starts talking to me!)

Anyway, I'm a serial weigher so will be checking in daily, and again I hope this will help.

Thank you very much to anyone that has taken the time to read my little post, and I hope we can all be there to support each other on our journeys to slim summer goddesses lol! :)

X x

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Good luck on your journey! :)
Day 2
Weight 14.3
Loss 2lb

Thank u 4 the lovely messages! It's lovely to know there is so much support out there!

Managed yesterday ok - despite my bf scoffing a massive box of thorntons and trying to tempt me! Day 1 willpower prevailed!

Day 2 ok so far, although I did wake up really hungry after dreaming about food all night lol!

It just hit me that if I stay 100% I may be into the 12s by the end of the month - back 2 the lowest I've been in years - it's a big if but at the moment I'm feeling very positive and I think I can do it!

I hope everyone has a lovely 100% day

X x

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Not sure I would cope with the wife going through a box of thorntons in front of me. she has annoying self control so if she ever buys anything like that she goes through it very slowly which of course means there's a box of goodies in the house tempting me for weeks!

well done on getting to day 2 sticking at 100%, I found that a few days in it got a lot easier. In fact I get so few hunger pains I forget to have a pack sometimes and get to the evening and still have 2 left!

stick with it and you'll be down to 12s in no time at all.
Thanks dave, I hope so too :) my OH has a whole cupboard full of naughty treats and he's always in there coming out again with something yummy! Saturdays are traditional mc ds muffin breakfasts and I'm already sad that I'm not going to have one lol!

Well today has been fine, struggling with the water a bit though - does black coffee count towards the total?

Off to the pub with some friends in a bit - ha ha, water on the rocks for me :)

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Day 3
Weight 14.2
Loss 3lb

Urgh - I have a headache, my mouth tastes foul - I feel sorry for my colleagues today - tried talking as little as possible - quite difficult for me lol! Does this mean I'm close to ketosis? I reeeaaaalllly hope so :-(

Oh well, will just persevere, good things and all that. I know this diet has really quick results but I want them NOW. So impatient!

On the plus side, I did weigh after work, and usually heavier later on in the day sooo I'm thinking will see the magic 13s by the weekend! Yay!

This thought will keep me going through the evening (I hope)!!

Hope everyone else is having a better day than me! :)

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Day 4
Weight 13.13 1/2
Loss 5 1/2lb

Whoop whoop! Into the 13s again!! Not seen those numbers for a few years. Usually I would have rounded up to 14st exactly, but I was just sooooo pleased to be into the 13s I couldn't resist! :)

100% today and to be honest overall I haven't found this too difficult at all... Saying that I still have the weekend to go... Not too bad though as the OH is away on a stag weekend so temptation will be greatly reduced!

It's the weekend after I'm worried about, we're off to a ball and there will be eating, and prob a glass of wine or 3... I'm refusing to think about it now though because if I do I'll just think "oh well I'm eating next weekend so I may as well eat until then" NO! That will not happen this time, I will still have a life so I am not miserable and boring but only allow for planned things that have been pre-arranged and will be straight back on the wagon the next day.

Phew - feeling better now - will have to read that next Sunday when I want something naughty to cure my hangover lol


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has some slim place to be
hi how are you finding getting nback on the waggon after the weekend? I am struggling today after my weekend off

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