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La Senza - Bra Fitting

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I would say Marks and Spencer is probably better ;)


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Need to get my boobies measured is La Senza a good place to go?

I have been to La Senza & Marks & Spencer and both measured me at the same size. I went to two places to be sure it was correct.
I love la senza underwear too :)


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I don't know about La Senza, but myself and 2 of my friends at different times have been badly measured in M & S. Guess it depends on the person you see x


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I'm more than happy with La Senza - resized from 38B to 34B at a glance (but confirmed with tape & fittings). Our M&S only does appts for fittings and it seems only then if Aquarious is rising in Leo, if you know what I mean! I do agree with Peagirl though - it depends on who does it but I'd personally expect a specific lingerie shop to potentially have higher training standards than a store with a lingerie department.


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La Senza is terrible for bra fitting and M&S didn't come out much better in the report I read. And don't go to Evans where they measured my friend standing in the middle of shop floor! I would really recommend going along to a bravissimo store - I was really surprised how tight the bra strap should be around the torso for a good fit but it has made a huge difference. I was wearing a 38D and they said I should be a 34F - a good fitting bra will really change your life

big bear

A bear on a mission!
Thanks everyone, for mow I just went to La Senza got a sexy bra & knickers for £11 in the sale. I thought I was 38DD but they said I'm a 40E.

I'll see if I can find A brassivo near me & get measured again. XX


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I like going to Debenhams, but then you've got the issue of some of the bras can be quite dear. I think sometimes it can depend on your size though, I'm a 34H at the min and if anybody tries to come near with me with a tapemeasure I get annoyed because it's inaccurate with bigger sizes. I've never been in a bravissimo shop because there isn't one near me.
You need to watch that they should check each bra when you've got them on, even after they've determined your size in one style because different brands etc can be different sizes.
Oh, and don't get fitted in mothercare!! I once asked them to fit me and she used a tape measure... over a big fat wolly jumper and tried telling me I was a 40D (doh!!)


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Yip agreed, you shouldn't be measured with a tape measure - should always be at a glance and then trying on several bras. Bravissimo do this and I would say definitely try them out :) xx


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Both M&S and La Senza have been great to me in the past. They are both very helpful. In M&S when they find out what size you are they bring you a nice selection of bras to try on.

I find that in M&S I am one cup size smaller than La Senza. And I find that M&S is better for more sensible (but still pretty) bras - like the ones without the padded cups and La Senza is better for party bras which give you a bit of oomph!

Would NOT recommend John Lewis.


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I went to Bravissimo for the first time a fortnight ago, and I can't praise them enough. Knocks spots off any other bra fitting I've ever had.

At M&S they're friendly and helpful - but handicapped by the fact that they only sell M&S bras.

La Senza can be helpful I'm sure (mine wasn't, but that's just luck, I suppose) - but I don't think they're actually trained to do anything beyond driving a tape measure.

At Bravissimo the people who do bra fitting REALLY know boobs (!) and they know their own bras. They stock a variety of makes, and they will take the time to find what fits you.

If you can get to a Bravissimo - do!


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Bravissimo all the way. Mothercare measured me for a 42dd when I had just had my son and I got back ache and shoulder pain. I went to bravissimo when I wa in Brighton one day and I was measured a 36h!!!!!! And I have never looked back.
Apparently mothercare compensated on the inches over cup as they don't go higher than a dd so to get a sale measured me completely wrong!



I "measure" as a 38DD, however I wear a 36G as measured by Bravissimo and La Senza. Comfy comfy comfy!


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Again - for me - Bravissimo is the best!!!

I was wearing a 38DD (with bra extenders!) and i was remeasured as a 36FF (yes, i am Jordan!!! haha) and the service was top notch!

I got 2 bras - no sales push - and my 'pups' sit where they should now.

Go there BB!!!! xx


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Looks like alot of you girls had good experience at bravissimo!! Will check out ;)