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Ladies day @ royal ascot - not there

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Ashamed of myself...WHY?? i hear you all cry...well its Ladies Day @ Royal Ascot, and exactly 1 yr ago today, and probably 2 yrs ago too, I publically stated that I would be at target and there on Ladies Day fully decked out in all my finerey. WHERE AM I THEN - at home in my leggings and an old t-shirt of my dads's - FAILED AGAIN.

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You haven't failed until you give up trying. Come on girl, you can do it. Plan properly and you'll be there next year and every year after that.


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Next year SHOULD be your aim then... you have 52 weeks to turn it around and get losing

I am going next year and expect to see you there!!!!

Fatstitcher..All my friends are going to Ascot all looking lovely in dresses and hats:)
Did get invited this year, but decided I did't want to go as would not feel good:cry:
So, I am fed up not going to social events as I feel crap about me:cry:so I have to do it. I am so determined.
Just think of next year..you have a whole year to do this. xx
When your friends invited you to go, did they say "but you can only come if you are slim"? No, thought not. They invited you because they wanted your company, and for you to have a great day out and a bit of a laugh.

Which you could do, whatever your size. We can't go around putting our lives on hold, saying I will do this, or that, when I am this or that weight. Life is too short.


Will be thin god dammit!!
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Come on!!! As someone else has said you now have 52 weeks to get there next year!


Wishing and hoping!
you have not failed as you have highlighted a problem and seeking help, don't give up - change is always possiable no matter how long it takes to achieve :D


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I do know where you're coming from as I feel very self conscious when I go out, and feel like everyone is looking at me, but I DO go, because I feel if I don't I will become a recluse and I don't want that. I am constantly aware of myself, but I also know that MOST of my friends like me for me and not what I look like.

But for now, you have a year to turn things around, and next year.. they'd better watch out because you WILL look fab!

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