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ladies doing well on 790?

Hi - I am on day 3 of 790 plan and have been reading the posts on here for some time. I am really encouraged by the results so many of you have had and am really hoping I can get there too. I haven't gone on to sole source as I know I just couldn't sustain it and would sabotage my efforts very early on. I am already struggling a bit on 790 but having a meal to look forward to in the evening makes all the difference. Anyway, now I have waffled on, what I wanted to ask was if many females had got good losses on the 790? Most of the losses i have seen so far have been men.
I need any little encouragement to keep me going and make me believe that after 10 years of being overweight - now obese - this can be done!
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The losses on 790 are just slightly less than SS, but if its any help i have lost 3lbs per week on the 1500 plan! But in saying that everybody losses differntly.


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Hiya Lynn

Had loads of ladies do absolutely fantastic on 790 and it works well. From my training they said the difference in weight loss between SS and 790 was around a quarter of a pound a week so in real terms not a lot!!



Fed up of being fat
Im on 790 and if I hadnt been such a silly moo and cheated and kept my water intake up I would have lost more than I have. Im on the straight and narrow now though and I know what I can expect to lose and am happy with that. I also know that ss is something that I would struggle on and am happy to stick with 790 till goal.

Thanks for the feedback - sometimes it's just good to hear it from the horse's mouth.

Icemoose - it was reading about your story in the paper that pointed me in the direction of Cambridge in the first place so it's great to see you are now passing on your experiences to us new-hands.

Good luck to all with your weight loss journey!

ps - can anyone tell me how I can get a ticker?

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