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Ladies only - too gross for words!

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Ahem. It's the end of week three and my period has started about a week early - is this "normal" for LL? (I know it can affect the cycle but I never thought of it starting early!)

Also (and here we do get a bit TMI) my breath has been really revolting the last two days, and the only thing that has changed is it being TOTM. It's not so much the "acid drops" breath of ketosis but like something had crawled in and died. I drink loads of liquid every day, 3.5-4 litres including packs. Has anyone else noticed worse breath at TOTM? or am I just noticing my body more now it's not masked by f**d?
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Ah hun I've been exactly the same, a lot heavier than usual too feel revolting have been using the pads with the whole fresh smell thing going on which helps somewhat but still not nice.

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My period has been all over the place, I've had 4 since starting LL 10 weeks ago. I spoke to my LLC and she said it's quite normal. Some people are lucky and it doesn't affect them. She did say that it probably will settle down.
As for the bad breath that just comes with the territory unfortunately. They say drink more water and use a breath freshener. I use a spray now and again.
Sorry for not being much help but I can totally sympathise with you.
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ive just started a week early too, glad its not just me!
daisy x
my period was really heavy during abstainance and on RTM it's been odd too (just finished a 3 week period!) I'm hoping it'll settle down eventually so I'm normal again.

Breath was never worse at TOTM, was pretty bad all the time during the first 14 weeks, but got significantly better after that, so much that it wan't noticeable.

I'm sure it'll all balance out eventually. Just keep drinking the fluid that's the key I think xx
Hope you dont mind mr popping in, when i was on cd my totm was all over the place and one time lasted 8weeks solid, since finishing cd im back to normal.x


Fighting Demons....
My first "ladies week" whilst on LL was really really heavy. And cramps were just awful. But the ones I have had since then (regular as clockwork from being very very irregular I might add) have been fine. Normal "3 day not much pain in all honesty" that I am used to. Guess I am just lucky.

I do hate the damn bad breath thing though. Just want a piece of chewing gum!!! Grrr!!! I'm just going to keep drinking!! And get another "pocket size" mouthwash to carry in my handbag. Superdrug, £1!

B x


Do a little dance!
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Started a week early too..and as I am on the pill thought it wouldn't be effected like that, was much heavier and twice as long as usual. But all part and parcel. Hopefully will settle down, but if not, its not forever.
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LOL!! Wonder how many men have peeped in here only to scuttle right back out again! We can see you!

I was very regular at first (I'm only 7 months post partum) but I think that my last period was definitely longer than 28 days - think I had it in week one, week four and then not until week 10. Will be interesting to see what happens to the next one. Not been painful or heavy or anything though!

As for the breath, I don't think it's been worse in reality, I just think that it's because my sense of smell is so heightened at the moment! I can smell what my husband has just eaten from the other side of the room when he enters it!
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I'm all over the place too girls ..... finished one last week and 4 days later started again, really heavy, although have to say I do have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) so do tend to suffer with being a bit irregular.

Can't say I have noticed any difference with the breath tho.

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Sorry for grossing you out, chaps! I did warn you!
Thanks for all the replies - I'm not worried but it's good to know it's not just me. Can't say I'll be too thrilled with an extra-long visit from the painters!


is loving CWP xx
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I have an answer!!!

Hi Girls,

I have been told why our periods are so earratic. But I hope you don't mind if I tell my story first.

I had been on a pill for 7 years and put on a lot of weight plus my BP was really high so they put me on a different one. This was 2 years ago and it stopped my periods completely. They said it was normal.

Day 3 of LL and I started a 7 day period!!! I was really scared as I didn't think it could be that and thought the worst.

So I asked my LLC who said that oestrogen is stored in fat cells and because on this diet we loose wieght so quickly fat cells get moved around which therefore releases the oestrogen and it goes on to do it's womanly thing. Hence the differences in periods and moodswings etc.

So there you have it. I hope this helps everyone.
S: 19st3lb C: 19st3lb G: 9st9lb BMI: 46.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks Becky, that's really interesting and makes sense too!