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Lady F's fabulous food fight


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Hi all. I have a long running diary in the Wemitts section of Minis but am in week 1 of SW so thought I'd create one here too :). Same old story - I try a plan, lose a few stone, fall off the wagon, put it all back on - and repeat.

I'm doing SW from home, as I now live in Italy. Some food items can be a bit challenging here, like fruit and veg - they only sell what's in season, unlike UK supermarkets, where you can find anything you want, all year round. Some veg you can't get here at all - it's too hot for root veg like parsnips and swedes, so I'm planning to do a lot of cauli mashes :D.

I've also got yogurt envy bigtime about the new Muller Light flavours! There's not much choice here on the low fat yogurt front, so may have to try making my own - and put in an Am order just for scan bran! Oooh, wonder if I can get sandwich thins online :D

Of course the other major challenge is avoiding things like luscious pizzas, pastries and wine - the latter is so cheap here, and so yummy, I can see my syns disappearing fast!

Look forward to 'meeting' some of you and hearing your stories.

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Clean green leafy machine
Morning all - a lovely sunny day here :).

B - homemade burgers with eggs, 1/2 HEA cheese
L - turkey pasta with peas, carrots and wilted spinach
D - sossies with cauli mash and spinach
S - 1/2 HEA, 2 crispbread (HEB), yogurt, apple


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Hi Susie,
I remember when I was doing SW a few years back and I had that Muller light envy too. ( You can get some of them now here where I live ) but then when I started to read the ingredient list I didn´t mind so very much anymore.
So glad I can get cottage cheese here though.

Love your menu plan.xx


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Whereabouts are you, Rosenm?

I know Mullers are full of sugar - but I really love the flavours, especially the coconut one, it's brilliant for making SW chicken korma! :)

Well the sun has gone in and it's cold again, looking forward to hot food at lunch :).


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Good food day today -

B - homemade burgers, eggs
L - turkey pasta with carrots, onions, peas and spinach
D - sossies, baked beans and spinach
S - yogurt, apple, HEA cheese, HEB crackers

The sossies are very densely packed without fat or rsuks here in Italy, so will count them as 1 syn each for now. Not sure what I'll use the rest of my syns for...maybe an Options and a couple of 3 syn each bikkies :D.


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Oh so not too far away from me :D.


Clean green leafy machine


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I meant to subscribe to your thread the other day but I lost it lol, how are you doing Lady?


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:eek: That's fantastic! Well done! You must be so pleased with that loss :D
I'll pop over to the other thread and have a read :)


Clean green leafy machine
Hello all - back from Italy now, with loads more weight gained (dam you foccaccia and gelato!), so after getting Christmas out of the way, I'm heading back to SW class next Monday.

Hope everyone is doing well.

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