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Lanzarote .... anyone been?


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I havent been in June, I would imagine it would be quite hot. But I, like Irene, loved it - stayed at Costa Teguise - there is a brilliant market at the village of Teguise too on a Sunday I think - fantastic atmosphere - and the locals come out at midday and dance in the square in front of the clock tower x


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Thanks ladies! :) Were looking at a hotel in Playa Blanca.

Is it as windy as people say?!!


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Only on one coast I think, hard to remember, but if you google it then you should get all the info you need x x
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I've been a few times, mostly September / October time and the weather is beautiful.

We've stayed in Costa Teguise twice (can be quite windy, nickname Breezy Teguise, great for windsurfing) and Playa Blanca twice (Aparthotel Sun Royal & Holiday Village Sun Tropical).


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We are looking at Playa Blanca - hows the wind there?!


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I went to Costa Teguise a few years ago and loved it I went on with my little boy (he is 17 now lol) and felt very safe It was very windy but I hate it too hot anyway. I really liked Lanzarote It wasn't as tacky as some other spanish resorts I have been to
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Playa Blanca is not as windy. It was lovely in October both times. First time really hot, second time it'd rained once and was just not as warm. Heading to Tenerife this October.


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Cheers guys :)

I have read that different parts are more windy than others. Im not fussed at all by it, aslong as theres sun i couldnt give two hoots about wind but the bf is a fuss pot! :giggle:


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we went to costa tequise, once in november, and once in may ,november was not windy at all, but may was windy all the time we were there.


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i went to Club La Santa in September last year (think butlins with sports!) it was fab, it's on the west coast and not too windy but there are some windy spots, good if you want to learn to surf or windsurf!

have fun and enjoy!


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My mum and I go to costa Teguise every autumn. We love it. Hubby isn't into sunbathing so I leave him in the UK and we go and enjoy ourselves. We have stayed on all the canary islands and Lanzarote is deffo the best!


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we are staying in CLub Playa Blanca next year. Have been to Lanzarote twice in recent years, both to different towns. June was hot, and the wind was okay ... costa teguise gets worst hit in my opinion but its all subjective I guess. If you are inland a little or by the pool who cares about the wind LOL.
June will be hot hot hot in lanza! :) went to playa blanca last june, this feb and april to visit family there. Its a very quiet resort hun. Depends what you wanna do on your hol? Not much night life but its nice and relaxing. Stay away from paradise island though! Iv stayed in cay beach sun twice and it was lovley there.


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Hi everyone, we went to Playa Blanca xmas 07, never again, it was cold & very windy, just like Yorkshire'e east coast!!!
Everything was so expensive ~ 1 pint of Guninness & a bacardi & coke 10 euros!!!!!!!!! Get this.........the excuse they used for it being so dear was the fact it's the Euro!!!!!!!!!!! Ireland who make the bloody stuff have the euro as their currency:eek:
We stayed at Tenerife before, hated it........like Blackpool but hot!!
As far as we see it all the Canaries just look like giant 'Slag Heaps' not much greenery! We much prefer parts of Majorcia.:D


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we've not long come back (9th sept) and during the week we were there, they gave a heat warning, the temps were high twenties/low thirties and hit 35* on one day. stayed at Costa Teguise.

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