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Last Chance

Hi guys

Well, I have attempted CD twice before, first time got through 10 days, second time only 5 days. I am starting again tomorrow and am determined to do it this time, it is now or never.

I have come to the conclusion that I have serious food issues, it's like something in my head doesnt work right and doesn't tell me to stop, no matter how much I want to be thin, I can't go on like this for much longer though and am really depressed about the whole situation. I have come to thc conclusion that a drug addict can lock themselves in rehab for a couple of months, if I could lock myself in overating rehab that would be perfect but as I can't, I am going to treat CD as my rehab and for every down day I have I will know I am a step closer to "kicking my habbit" so to speak.

Anyway, just needed to share with someone, bring on CD! x
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Trying to stay healthy!
Good on you for not giving up! Good luck with starting again ... you know the old saying...for if at first you don't succeed try try again!

You can do it!!


Ria C

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Good luck babes...we are all here if you need any support. xXx


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Aaww.. I was feeling so trapped and hopeless too before.. and I had a false start at the beginning too.. comfort eating's been such a big part of my life for so many years, the thought of going without was terrifying - genuinely.. I can only guess that this is what it's like to go 'cold turkey' from hard drugs.. I certainly found quitting smoking about the same, and i was a 20+ a day girl for many many years..

you're clearly keen, motivated, and, most importantly, it sounds like you know that it's about: your emotional responces when you're hungry/lonely/angry/sad/etc, etc.... and if you're anything like me, that's why I felt so trapped, cause the thought of not eating made me feel deprived/unloved/punished etc, which made me want to deal with those emotions by.. yep.. eating.. and so the vicious cycle continued...

once you get into CD though, you start to feel liberated from that trap.. I hated it so much and felt so stuck, that NOT eating feels like a blessing!!! a freedom from being unhappy :)

I think you're going to do fine this time.. I can feel it in my bones :) ..and the reason is, you're aiming to work on the right things.. :) Good for you!!

Bring your Head Inside and your Body will Follow - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

All the very very best, and keep us posted!! You, with our company, CAN do this.. just poor it all out here love, and use us as a crutch.. you'll be mending in no time :)

Love x

Wow, Enough, that was a fab post! I feel exactly the same and have used food as an emotional crutch for many, many years, getting to 19 stone at my biggest.
I'm trying to think of being on CD ss as a 'holiday' from food cos it sounds more positive. Some days, its so hard to say no and to force myself back from the temptation of whats lurking in the kitchen but, at times like that, I ask myself what eating something would actually give me. Will it make me feel better about myself? Will it help me lose weight? Will it build my self-respect? The answer is always no. Then I get busy with something - anything and tell myself that the moment WILL pass. And it does!
Try not to put too much pressure on yourself Zoey - self criticism and negativity are so destructive. Taking the positive out of the situation is whats important here - even if its 99% bad news and 1% good! I'm learning to actually like myself and to respect me for what I am - even the bits that are weak and very, very far from perfect. You have loads of lovely qualities and you arent defined by your body or your weaknesses so try not to be too hard on yourself, feel like your worth doing this for and the rest will come naturally.
(Sorry if that rambled on a bit but I get so passionate about it that I find it hard to stop!!!!!!!) xxxxxx


Mad as a Hatter
As I mentioned in my diary recently - there comes a point when you have had enough and have the confidence, willpower whatever to make a difference.. it sounds as though you have reached that point now and I wish you all the luck in completing your DC journey...



taking it 1 day at a time
Good luck on your journey. Someone on minimins has the following in their signature: you're not a failure until you give up trying. This has kept me going on the bad days and i am now the slimmest i have been for over a decade. Another 'trick' that has helped is to remember that no food is 'not allowed', i an making the choice of what i put in my mouth. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. All the very best.


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there comes a point when you have had enough and have the confidence, willpower whatever to make a difference..

I Had Really had Enough when I started CD..

Enough of feeling trapped
Enough of disliking myself for what I was doing
Enough of seeing no way out
Enough of carrying the heavy heart as well as the heavy body
Enough of worrying about what other people were thinking of me
Enough of not being able to out my arms down by my sides
Enough of frequently pulling my top down, worried that it's riding up..
Enough of feeling miserable when I went clothes shopping
Enough of my OH not finding me as attractive as he used to, even though he would never admit it in words.. his face said it all...

Well! That's a few of them!! :D

Love, from, Enough! :D

Hi guys - Just managed to get on here, thanks for all your lovely responses, day 1 today so here goes!

Enough - Seems like you know exactly how I feel, thanks for making me feel like I am not the only one who feels that way, if you felt the same and you can do it, so can I :) x
good luck :) I also had done it twice before and only managed 10 days then 7days so this time i'm three and a half weeks in and wobbling at times but seeing how much the difference is making me feel better about myself. I now just want to get back into a head space where I like myself again :)

Gave up smoking a year ago after many many many times of 'trying' - all these things we do when we are ready for them and really want it.

Good luck :)


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Hey Zoey how are you getting on? I had thought about doing a VLCD for about 18 months before I took the plunge, when a friend asked me why I was doing it now I explained it as "being sick of myself" I knew I had to do something and putting it off was never going to work.

Good luck with the diet, you can do this!


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i have the same issues. Tomorrow starts my third attempt. This time I am going to do it. 7 weeks til the autumn term starts, 7 weeks to loose as much weight as i can. Here it comes :D
i am replying to push this thread to the top of the pile just wondering how you restarters are getting on - i hope you really are doing well this time...
I've restarted too after a 3 week holiday and eating lots. It is had and I am really hungry - on day 2. That passes after few days thankfully.

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