last minute meal

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The dry dishes - chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, shashlick etc are all not too bad with salad. Not sure exactly on the points but probably on the points thread.

Have a lovely evening and congratulations to your brother. x


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Little Red, your hair colour is beautiful! You look like Olivia Hallinan.


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I get chicken tikka tandorrri, its 8 points for the chicken, the sauce comes separately so you can just use a little, few spoon fulls of boiled rice is only about 3 points and you get salad with it which is free! happy days!!
Its the pakora that screws me over! lol


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salad with it which is free! happy days!!

Soooo many things wrong with that sentence!!

Chocolate being free = happy days
Salad??? Nah :giggle: