last minute meal

Hey guys... I had lovely news today that my brother got engaged... but unfortunately for me, it means eating in an indian restaurant 2mro night!! HELP!!! :(
The dry dishes - chicken tikka, tandoori chicken, shashlick etc are all not too bad with salad. Not sure exactly on the points but probably on the points thread.

Have a lovely evening and congratulations to your brother. x
I get chicken tikka tandorrri, its 8 points for the chicken, the sauce comes separately so you can just use a little, few spoon fulls of boiled rice is only about 3 points and you get salad with it which is free! happy days!!
Its the pakora that screws me over! lol
salad with it which is free! happy days!!

Soooo many things wrong with that sentence!!

Chocolate being free = happy days
Salad??? Nah :giggle: