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last supper


weighs a lot less
ive just read a post and it made me think about the last meal i ate before starting lipotrim and what i will possibly be eating when i start eating again and my word i think i may just have the hang of this healthy eating thing people have been banging on about for years so i thought i would start a thread to see if anyone has fond memories of what they used to eat or feel as ashamed as i did .





i always thought i was quite good with my food but when you actually take a break from food and look back at what you were eating its no wonder i ended up sooo fat, anyway i would love to know what everyone else ate and what they are now looking forward to eating maybe we could swap recipes xx lillie xx
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I am going to love these posts because i dont cook! Cant cook maybe! I lived on chocolate before LT not much food to be honest just thousands of calories from chocolate! I dont like salad at all and only like a few fruit and vegetables.

I am planning on having steamed chicken breast and as much cabbage as poss for my first meal but am very open to suggestions from those of you who can cook lol

Couldnt do the salmon im afraid Lillie..yuk! lol xxxx


weighs a lot less
chicken wrapped in parma ham is delicious but not suitable for the refeed what sort of food do you like ive turned into quite a whizz in the kitchen and could help you with a few recipes and a slow cooker is a must have xx


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I love chicken!! i used to have chicken and rice most nights! Obviously rice is off for refeed! I am a very fussy eater lol xx


weighs a lot less
you never know your taste buds might of changed i looked at lettuce in the supermarket the other day i cant believe how many different varieties there are i cant wait to start experimenting lol i hated nuts b4 Lt but now im loving the flapjacks with a coffee(thanks gary for the tip ) x


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Tracey remember, dont assume you still the same kinds of foods as before you started the diet, the wole point of the lipotrim is to cleanse your pallette as well and you will now prob like dif things and dislike some of the things you liked before! I certainly notived that when I ate at the weekend, all the things I used to crave are now just OK, not great how I remember them at all. I would be brave and start from scratch and try loads of healthy different foods. xxx


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Trust garry to think of something silly lol! i hated the flapjack! I actually really like nuts.( God i hope garry doesnt read that 1!!)

I really cant see me ever eating salad..ever but you never know xxx


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I am certainly willing to try a lot more xx
my last meal was homemade chips and egg and beans, i am really loooking forward to having steamed cod and steamed veg because i do eat healthy 90% of the time but portion sizes are my downfall i was probabbly eating for two or maybe three! i have decided to go to ikea at the wekend and get new plates and make they are smaller!
I can't wait to have a big bowl of Tuna when I refeed. Tuna with mayo and black pepper, heaven! I used to scoop it up with a bag of cheese and onion crisps(and I wondered why i couldnt lose weight:rolleyes:). I guess it'll be with some frisse letuce after this! oh and olive oil instead of mayo.

God i'm hungry!:D
Tuna, chicken, all veg except celery, im easy pleased. At the moment I would eat bogies from a dead mans nostrels for a small fee:D
You really are charming in your grossness fattothin :p

My last supper was my risotto - mushrooms, prawns and chorizo in butter, and then stirred into safron risotto rice, with crusty bread and butter. Can you spot the theme in my old cooking style?

As to my first, I have no idea, it's way too far away for me to start contemplating. I do like the idea of some monkfish...
Bless, thanks:p x


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Tuna, chicken, all veg except celery, im easy pleased. At the moment I would eat bogies from a dead mans nostrels for a small fee:D

:rolleyes: roflmao

my last supper was wholemeal pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes and pesto with garlic bread, followed by 2 large chunky chocolate cookies

god lol

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