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This has nothing to do with Exante but I have a rage on and need to rant!!

This is the 2nd saturday in a row I have been waiting for people and they are late. Last week someone was dropping their children at mine. Agreed time 11am, so i get up get ready and everything, they turn up at 1pm! Today someone is collecting my son for a sleepover, I offered to drop him off but they said they are passing. They are over 45 minutes late and my son is sitting all ready to go. Why do people find it acceptable to keep people waiting? It really does my head in. Its down right rude!!!!! I have made plans for this afternoon and now I am having to let people down becuase Im sat here waiting for someone.

Sorry had to have a rant!! Does anyone else have this bug bear?
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Blue Butterfly

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Oh me me me! I HATE people who are late for no reason other than they're too selfish to bother turning up on time.
Fair enough some things do happen sometimes that hold people up but the least they could do it call and let you know.

My family make a joke out of one of my aunties now because she has never been on time for anything, I think it's rude tbh. So if she says she'll be somewhere at 2 she will be at least an hour late every time.

I'm always on time when meeting friends but have a few that dont seem to care about good time-keeping so I have to sit about waiting for them, not fun.
You then feel angry coz you could be off doing something else yourself if you knew they were gonna be late but no, you sit about waiting for we've nothing better to do with our lives!

Oh see.....I've gone and ranted too.
Ggrrrr to late people!


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It's not just you :)
I hate that too! If they say a time then they should stick to it! I would rather be a few mintues early than keep someone waiting :)

I hope if they apologise, you tell them they have made you late :)


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Thanks guys!! They arrived not long after the rant and apologised but no reason as to why they are late. Its wouldnt have been half as bad if she txt to say they were running late. I could have had a shower and did my hair in the time I was waiting.

Loads of my friends are late, it drives me mad!! Its rude to think your so important that you can be late and take up peoples time!!

Anyway glad Im not the only one!
Being late is my mega bug bear, if I say a time I am nearly always early, it infuriates me when folk say one time and turn up a lot later,
You are not alone!!


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Definitely me! If people say that they will be there at a certain time then BE THERE!!! If you have an idea you're going to be late then don't give a time! I always make sure Im on time for things and expect people to do the same (except in understandable circumstances!)


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I hate it too!!!! I work as a dental receptionist so if one person is late it upsets the whole day. Including my finishing time (which i am not paid extra for if we are running over). I say being a few minutes late is ok but if it is more than 10 I get pissed off!!!

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I work on the motto of being ten minutes early for everything! You never know what crops up and being late looks lazy unprofessional and rude. we have a few members of family like that in fact they are so bad we tell them to meet an hour earlier than we are, just so they will be relatively on time!


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This annoys me too!! what I find even more frustrating is when that person makes ME late! Grrrrr