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  1. lauralozzle

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    First, let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Laura, I'm a third year university student who is trying to lose a few pounds for my friend's wedding! I am a bridesmaid!

    So, I had a dairy ages ago and then went off track! However, the need for me to lose those last few pounds (all 17 of them!) is encroaching upon me. I am my friend's bridesmaid and the wedding is this year (October). We have already got the dress, it is a size ten but to be honest, it wouldn't hurt if I lost a few inches (might be a little easier to zip up!) and would look great if I actually had toned arms! lol. I have to get working on my weight loss this year. No excuses, otherwise it'll never happen.

    As of yesterday I am 147.2 pounds (10 stone 7.2) and my goal weight is 130 pounds (9 stone 4). That puts me nicely in the middle of a healthy BMI and is what most sites consider my 'ideal weight' to be. I have been eating too much chocolate as of late, and I will have to try and watch this! I'm going to mix slimming world with calorie counting (I like the structure of SW) but I am so used to calorie counting that I can't really avoid it. Plus, I really do like to know what my deficit for the day is, and the calorie content in foods. It's all well and good eating a load of free foods but you could eat too many of them and not put on weight. I am a girl who can put down a lot of potato!

    So, without further adieu

    Green Day

    Breakfast: Cheerios with lacto-free semi skimmed milk and a cup of coffee (5 syns & HEa).

    Snack: Alpro light chocolate fudge bar (0.5 HEb).

    Lunch: Baked potato with olive spread. Salad with rocket, cherry tomato and mozzarella cheese, with a dressing of olive oil and balsamic. (4 syns & Hea & HEb)

    Snack: 1.5 Clementine's. Cup of coffee.

    Dinner: Roasted butternut squash, sweet potato, onion and garlic (with fry-light). Couscous and quorn garlic and parsley sausages. (3 syns).

    Snack: Alpro light chocolate fudge bar. (0.5 Heb).

    Exercise for the day 35 minute walk/run. 20 minute weight workout. 5 minute stretching.

    Calories: 1,617.

    Deficit: 414.
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  3. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    So, yesterday's eats were as follows:

    Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with mushroom, cherry tomato and ham cooked in olive spread. Tangerine. Coffee with milk (part of HEa). (2 syns)

    Lunch: Chicken breast cooked in nandos hot sauce. Roasted butternut squash and 28g couscous. (2 syns)

    Snack: Small glass of apple and mango juice. (3.5 syns)

    Dinner: Salmon with sweet chilli sauce, new potatoes in a little butter sauce, roasted red onion, red pepper and courgette. (HEb & 1.5 syns)

    Snack: Bite of boyfriends chocolate cookie. Two alpro light bars. (Heb & 2 syns)

    Exercise for the day 30 minute walk, 10 minute on elliptical, 10 minute on exercise bike, 10 minutes ab work and stretching.

    Calories: 1,425

    Deficit: 529.

    Syns so far: 23/105

    I am pretty pleased with yesterday. I felt pretty full after dinner. shouldn't really have had that bite of cookie though. Oh well, never mind! Hopefully come Monday I should see a loss on the scale. well, I hope I do. Keeping track of calories and slimming world ideas is really helping me not eat too many empty carbs. Which obviously is a good thing, because I have been known to eat an awful amount of chocolate.

    Watching the footie last night with my alpro bars - they are so yummy!!! They're good for a later night snack. Just so yummy!!! And we won against Brazil which is super cool too! YEY England!
  4. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    So today has not been a bad day at all, really. My deficit today is not as large as it has been, but that is because today was a rest day on the exercise front. I have not been so productive with my university work though - I have to pull out my finger and get it done!

    Eats for today (Green Day)

    Breakfast: Cheerios and milk. Small glass of apple and mango juice (8 syns & HEa).

    Snack: 0% Yeo valley natural yogurt and banana. Alpen chocolate and fudge cereal bar. (0.5 HEb)

    Lunch: Baked potato with baked beans and cheese. (HEa)

    Dinner: 3 Quorn sausages, roasted butternut squash, broccoli, onion and mange tout.

    Snack: Chocolate and fudge alpen cereal bar. Green and blacks dark organic chocolate. Two slices of nimble bread with olive spread and marmite. (4.5 syns & HEb).

    Exercise for the day 30 minute walk.

    Calories: 1,528.

    Deficit: 251

    Syns so far: 35.5/105
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  5. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    So, day four. :)

    Tomorrow will be, err, lets say interesting! I'm staying over at my friends tomorrow night and there will be pizza and wine. Luckily, I can't eat too much pizza because it doesn't really agree with me at all! The wine though! Oh well, if I blow tomorrow I know I can pull it back. I'll limit my syns so that it all evens out! It is not something that happens every week either. It is a rare occurance. I'm looking forward to it though!

    Anyway, my food for today!

    Another Green day

    Breakfast: Cheerios with milk. Tangerine. (5 syns and HEa)

    Lunch: Two slices of nimble wholebread bread, toasted. 3 Quorn Sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, scrambled egg all cooked in olive spread. (4 syns & HEb)

    Snack: Alpen chocolate fudge bar. (0.5 HEb)

    Dinner: Butternut squash and quorn pie (quorn cooked with onion and canned tomato with mashed butternut squash on top) with grated cheese. Broccoli and cauliflower. (HEa)

    Snack: Alpen double chocolate bar. Green and black's organic dark chocolate(0.5HEb and 6 syns)

    Exercise for the day 30 minute walk/run, 20 minute weight lifting and 5 minute stretching.

    Calories: 1,533

    Deficit: 525

    Syns so far: 50.5/105

    My dinner. Was super yummy and really low call.


  6. Connah

    Connah Member

    Doing well Laura :) Extremely jealous of that quorn and butternut squash pie, looks amazing!
  7. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Thanks Connah. This weekend did not happen. I did not drink about 2 bottles of wine, had pizza, garlic bread and cake. haha. Damn girly nights in with my friends!!!! Well, it's not something that happens very often!

    Weigh in this morning is understandably not fantastic (but I recon a lot of it is sodium/water retention from the processed foods over the weekend): 147.0 (loss of 0.2) haha. Oh well, today I am back on track!
  8. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Eats are back on track today.

    Breakfast: Cheerios with milk. Banana. (HEa & 5 syns)

    Snack: Alpen cherry bakewell bar. (0.5 HEb)

    Lunch: Left over mashed potato, 87g of roast chicken and cabbage fried in frylight. (Sort of like bubble and squeak I suppose). Ketchup. (HEb & 1 syn).

    Snack: Chocolate Alpen bar. (0.5HEb)

    Dinner: 3 Quorn sausages, potato wedges cooked in frylight with cajun seasoning, salad with rocket, tomato, cucumber and fat free French dressing and ketchup. (4 syns).

    Snack: Muller light vanialla and dark chocolate yogurt frozen. Glass of chocolate milkshake - might warm it up and have it as hot chocolate before bed. (3 syns and HEa).

    Exercise for the day 15 minute running on treadmil, 15 minute on elliptical, 14 minute weight lifting.

    Calories: 1,590

    Deficit: -445

    Syns this week (From Monday to Sunday): 13/105.

    My session in the gym today did not go so well. I got pain in my side which made it very difficult - I had no energy. Not sure whether I had not had enough to really eat before hand? I'll have to look into that. I managed 30 minutes cardio, but I did not enjoy a minute of it! And I was running at a much slower pace than usual. No energy. Oh well.
  9. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member

    Yesterday was not fantastic. Started out well but went out for dinner and it all went wrong!!!

    Red Day

    Breakfast: Cheerios with milk (5 syns and HEa). Natural yogurt with berries.

    Snack: Ham and spring onion omelet bites. Stawberries.

    Lunch: Ham sandwhich on nimble bread with salad. Cherry tomatoes and babybel light. (HEa & HEb & 1 syn)

    Snack: Tangerine. Alpen light bar. (3 syns).

    Dinner: Baked potato with bacon and cheese. Salmon fishcake with frieds and salad. (HEb & 20 syns). Ooops.

    Exercise for the day, 30 minute run.

    Calories: 1,874

    Deficit: 118

    Syns this week: 42/105.
  10. lauralozzle

    lauralozzle Full Member


    Extra Easy

    Breakfast: Cheerios and milk. (6 syns). Decided to syn the tiny amount of milk I had. The cheerios are finally gone now, I got a box of shreddies as I'm sure they are a healthy extra. No more wasting syns! Banana.

    Lunch: Tuna pasta bake with tinned tomato and red onion sauce and melted cheese. Salad of rocket, cherry tomato and peppers with olive oil and balsamic dressing. (HEa & 2 syns).

    Dinner: Magic pancakes! YUM. Oats soaked in muller light with added egg. Oranges and a tsp of sugar. (Heb & 1 syn)

    Snack: Alpen light bar.

    Rest day.

    Calories: 1,413

    Deficit: 238

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