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Laura's gory details....

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by LauraJessie, 5 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. LauraJessie

    LauraJessie Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I thought I'd start a diary thread more for myself really than anyone else.

    I've always been a chubba. Not a massive chubba, but definitely one you'd look at and think 'she could do with losing a couple of stone'.

    From around the age of 8 I started to be the chubbiest kid and then that's carried on throughout my life. Lowest adult weight being 11.9 (I'm 5ft) and highest which is what I am now, 14.4 stone.

    At my lowest I felt ace. I achieved that slowly but surely with WW. Lovely long walks, fitted dresses and just generally felling pretty good about myself. Met the fella, ate a lot, ate even more (he can eat whatever he wants and eats like a pig, typically thin though!) and it all crept on. Obviously I love him to bits but I have always hated the fact that I've piled it on and fitted dresses are far from being work at the moment.

    I'm getting married in July though and I could not stand to have that feeling, the one I get on a regular basis, of just not being happy because I know that I can look good!! On my wedding day I want to look in the mirror and feel great! I want to tell them to tighten that dress up as much as possible because I won't have back boobs.

    So, I've decided I need to eliminate food all together for a while because the more I thought about the wedding the more I was eating. I just couldn't stop troffing. I decided I need to have a booster weight loss that leaves me buzzing and realising that I can live without food. I will (when ready) then ease myself back onto WW and really appreciate food.

    I'm on my second day today and actually so far I feel fine. I've been expecting the cold turkey effects which haven't happened yet so when they do I hope I can deal with them....well, I will deal with them, I just hope I don't kill the fella. I have my shakes, my breath spray and my Aloe Vera Colon Cleanser and these will be all I live on for at least 2 weeks. I've been told I can then consider diet drinks and Cambridge Bars. I want to do this properly!

    Very excited and VERY scared of failure, but lets bring it on!
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  3. LauraJessie

    LauraJessie Member

    Day 3 - Woke up a little more drowsy and a bit ratty but I am due on tomorrow (good diet start!) but other than that, again I feel pretty OK. Yes I do think of food a lot but not enough for me to go and stick my head in the fridge. Tonight will be a tester as I have to make scones (we have a cafe) so although I know I'm too soon in to crack, I might want to kill someone! Lets see :)
  4. Soph2910

    Soph2910 Well-Known Member

    Good luck on your journey! You can do it! x
  5. Clairioushilarious

    Clairioushilarious Well-Known Member

    Good on you for doing so well so far. Hope the scones haven't driven you mad!
  6. LauraJessie

    LauraJessie Member

    Thank you both :)

    Day 4 - slightly more headachy and had to take some ducolax which gave me stomach ache, but some of the headache and tiredness I do put down to being due on today. Still nothing like as bad as I expected although lots of food smells round me today. I'm doing a full roast lamb (usually do Hog Roasts) but luckily I don't like Lamb. If it had been a hog roast I would have cried as they are so delicious!

    Feel like I may have crossed into the land of Ketosis today as my mouth has got that dry yucky feeling. As my consultant told me no gum or strips I am armed with a breath freshener spray which is more for making my mouth suddenly feel lovely and fresh. Can't wait until my Tuesday morning weigh in at this rate :)

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