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S: 21st9lb G: 16st0lb

I havent been all week then this morning.......OMG

I am sure you dont need too much detail!!!! I am certain there is an extra 2 or 3 lbs off me today. LOL


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i had to take them all the time i was on cd


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Girls yYou ladies may well benfit from psyllium husks.

I did LL in jan -june and had choc waterfalls ( or fast poo as my kids called it when small!!) and then it changed to constipation, the laxitives just made me have a stomach ache and are really not an ideal long term solution, however Psyllium husk are!!
You get them from most health food stores and they come in a big tub (you can also get them in capsule form)
If you put a couple of scoops ( I use the 10ml one that came in the mix-a-mousse) in a small dish,

add a heaped tsp of a pack ( Choc is nice with a tsp of coffee too!!),
a couple of sweetners and then top up with about 100mls of water
stir and leave for 10 mins , you will have yummy kind of porridge, you could also heat it up or use hot water to make!!
do remeber to have a really good drink after to make it all wash through and I promise you, you will have lovely soft firm poos that will cause no discomfort and WONT require the loo brush!!!
This will not interfere with ketosis and will not affect your cal intake at all as they cant be absorbed by the body so pass straight through, you may be a little windy for the first few days but after that thing should settle and you will poo in comfort!!! Enjoy!!!
ou need Psyllium husk!!
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