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Laxatives ....


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dulcolax. They are the best ones i have found. take them at about 2pm, and you will be empty by about 8pm on the dot! LOL they're really good. alot of people experience stomach cramps just before you go to the toilet, but then nothing xx


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dulcolax ... isnt that the chocolate one?


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haha no wishfull thinking just i know that one is a big no no!
Have just looked dulcolax up online - think im guna get me some of them bad boys tonight! :D
I take Sennakot when I need to which are also fine - 2 at night and bingo in the morning!
I'm on the fibre clear after my bout of constipated that resulted in using suppositories.


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the only one that is mentioned on the LT site is fibreclear.

I take psyllium husks which I know are the atkins recommendation so I assume they are okay on LT. But it is an assumption



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how much are they?
i'm in the same boat summer girl have tried the fibre clear but as of yet nothing!!!....i think dulcolax is the pill of choice so gonna give that a go lol.....the things we talk about lolx


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i go twice a week shelly but for some reason i feel like i need and i want to go more this week!

just been and bought some of the bad boys - nearly £4!!!! it was 40tablets though.

Think i am going to take one tomorrow morning whilst i am in work as they will take a while to work and so hopefully they should have done their magic by tomorrow night! hahaha :D
well the fibreclear worked for me at last he he he....so gonna keep adding it twice a day and see how things go, feel SOOOO much better:kissass: lol x


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Glad to hear it honey! :D lol


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I really stuggled the first 2 weeks as only went once a week with the help of senekot, my tummy felt terrible, week 3 now and stopped fibreclear and went all by myself wednesday lol im hoping its the start of going more than once a week lol

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