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Leahs Lipotrim Diary :)


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Hi guys, I've been reading all of your diaries for the past 2 weeks and decided to give Lipotrim a go seeing how well your all doing!

So about me, my previous diet was Dukan, which I did and lost 2 stone until falling pregnant in January 2013, I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy Harry on 9th October 2013.

Needless to say I've gained the 2 stone I lost plus a little bit more, and also gained an overhang which is something I've never had before :( although this may be partly down to c section scar?

Well I now have around 3 stone - 3stone 7lb to lose. Today's weight is 12 stone 12 & 1/2lb and I would like to be in the 9stones. (I'm 5ft 3)

I went and bought my supplies from the chemist yesterday and today is day 1 for me.

I haven't had a shake yet, just water and black coffee, but come to think of it harrys having a nap so I might whip up my 1st one now :)

Will report back afterwards!!

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Well just drinking my first shake and not as bad as I imagined :) I used the vanilla shake with one spoon of coffee, 400ml of water and a few icecubes:


Might try 350ml of water later as is quite watery xx
Good choice choosing lipotrim :) Be prepared for the next few days, it's going to get really tough. Break through that and you'll lose the weight in no time! And yeah I find all the shakes and soups fine really, vanilla is my least favorite but I don't know what all the fuss is about :p


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Thanks very much :) so I had the vanilla for breakfast, that was bareable, strawberry for lunch again bareable but nearly made me sick because it had lumps in even though I've done them in the blender :( just had chocolate and that was foul! Had my glass of Shake and a glass of water, I had to have a drink of water after every swallow of shake :( yuk yuk yuk.

Is there any flapjacks which are easier to get down than the shakes or are they worse? Xx
You get used to them eventually, I wasn't a huge fan at first but once you've been on it a while and they're all you're eating you start to really look forward to them. I haven't tried the flapjacks but apparently they are REALLY bad, though everyone's taste is different so maybe when you place your next order you could order one serving of flapjack just to try it out? They're apparently extremely dry though and you have to drink water with them to get them down so probably not much different to the shakes for you lol.

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