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Lean meat....Steaks

mmmmmmm thats a tough one! I think that technically the fat should be removed before otherwise it will 'soak' into the meat. However... I will admit I always remove the fat afterwards for that very reason. I dont want the steak to dry out under the grill!

We be interested to see what others think


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I think it means before hun. Otherwise you are really cooking the meat in fat. I always remove it first and cook at a lower temp so the meat doesn't dry out so much. I must admit however i dont do steak! lol But with pork chops, bacon etc xx

chun-ky does take that fat off first (most of the time!) and has excellent record of losses, I think theres a very good point to be learnt there!

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Thanks all! I will take it off before in future! I always take fat off bacon before but it's just fiddly to get it off a steak. However I will stop being lazy :)


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I always take the fat off before as well. If the steak is marbled I syn it according to the syns allocated to lean mince (8% - 12% fat) It's funny that SW recommends that you take fat off all meat before cooking, except roast chicken!


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you have to cut all visible fat off meat before you cook it hun or else it isnt free
I think with roast chickens, they are usually lifted off the tray on a rack or similar. My roasting tray has a rack insert anyway, so all the fat drips below as it cooks and then of course I just remove the skin.

I hate roasting a chicken where it is sat in a roasting dish and not lifted up off the tray, the amount of grease it sits in make me want to spew lol.

re: steaks you can buy quite lean cuts if you hunt around, round steak tends to be leanest, but the trouble with leaner cuts of steak is they are a less tender cut of meat too, as it is the marbling of the fat that gives them that tenderness.

For pork I always buy loins, which have hardly any fat.

Lamb is the hardest to get a lean cut, as it is always so fatty. For a really lean cut of lamb you are looking at mega bucks and lamb is pretty hard to come by here anyway, only really seem to have it fresh in the summer, otherwise you are looking at frozen new zealand stuff.
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I've just read in the new SW Magazine cookbook that you have to cut if off before! Thank answers my question for definate :)

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