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Lean mince


I will do this!!!
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Sorry I don't know the answer but I use turkey mince instead of beef mince, If that's any help :)


I will do this!!!
ok great thanks
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A bit of info for next time. ASDA do the extra lean mince and at the moment it is on offer for £2 a pack. I think Tesco do one too, I believe this is in a black pack on the top shelf rather than eye level.


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It was an interesting thing that someone brought up at class last week. Another one of those "invisible" syns that we often forget about. And I had to admit, I hadn't realised this before, though it seems obvious now. It's only the extra lean mince that is free. I never really thought about it before. I always buy the leaner minces and drain it once browned, and just treated it as free. But it's not. Unless it's the extra lean stuff. I really didn't realise that and HOW LONG have I been doing this now? Yikes!


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Minders we discussed that too and it was amazing the amount of folk that used lean thinking it was free. I always buy mine direct from the slaughter house as mate works there and its extra lean and when you cook it there is never anything to drain off as its so lean and no fat. It is lovely and much better than supermarket stuff in taste. I get massive rump, sirloin and fillet steaks too and all fat trimmed off mine before I cook them but do know others don't do that either. I use quorn mince at times as its handy to have if I decide to have a green day but its mainly ee I follow
The shops didn't have extra lean mince so iv had to have lean mince. How bad is that?? i had a normal one person portion on spag bol.

Next time put your raw mince in a sieve (if u cant get extra lean) and pour a kettle of boiling water over it then when cooking drain off the fat.

it'll do :)


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Next time put your raw mince in a sieve (if u cant get extra lean) and pour a kettle of boiling water over it then when cooking drain off the fat.

it'll do :)
No, no, no, no no - this does not make it syn free. SW have confirmed this, so this is just another one of those tweaks that have the potential to affect your losses. Sorry :(


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I agree with Circes, water and oil don't mix so unless you're incorporating some soap :D the hot water alone is not going to "wash" the fat off the meat.

Bikerangel your mince sounds amazing!
i have no problem finding extra lean beef mince, but where the hell can i buy extra lean pork mince?
i know i can get the lamb mince lean in tesco but i gotta recipe for goulash meatballs and need ex lean pork mince.............help lol

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