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Leaving Do!

lol, no one at work knows im on CD either. they really wud be against it. i tend to say 'yeah i jst had some' lol 'or yeah im going to get some' lol but sometimes its hard, 'im watching what i eat'

difficult one
my work mates dont know either . i try 'yeah i just had some' lol 'or im just getting some' its hard really 'im watching what i eat' 'not hungry yet'

its a difficult one really. but try to stick it out. ppl forget about it quickly!

what an idiot, didnt think the post had gone up so re-wrote the whole thing!
I take it your on SS? It's difficult if you're hiding it. I was at a wedding yeterday and had to cautiously move things round my plate to make it look like i'd been eating. My mum and my hubby know that I'm on it but my dad would go mental cos he just doesn't understand. Sorry, a bit OT there. You can either tell a little porky - going out for a big dinner at night, not feeling well etc. Or just tell them you don't want anything.

I told my colleagues for 2 reasons - 1. so that they can have a dig if I ever cheated, and 2. so that I didn't have to hide myself when I was having a shake or soup. A couple of them have said stuff but I just remind them it's my life and my diet. If it was truly bad for me then it wouldn't have been going for all these years. And it's not as though I'm asking them to do it
let us know what you decide to do... from experience of falling off the wagon I can honestly say its so much harder restarting once you have had any kind of time/day off- its not worth it.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
I've dealt with this a couple of times now. I take little bits throughout the day on a napkin back to my desk. Let it sit for a while. Play with it a little bit, create some crumbs and chuck it out when walking past someone elses bin whilst saying erggh. It's amazing how few people actually give a toss if you're eating or not but it's nice to play a little game with it every now and then anyway to alleviate suspicion. I also lie about where & what I eat for lunch every day! Mostly I say I went to the sushi place (because that's what I wish I'd had). sorry I'm a bit off topic now but anyway I've also turned into the cake baker at work. I bake cakes and cupcakes for peoples birthday and other random occasions and take them in to FEED them. It's naughty I know but I enjoy it!
So true Sez, today we are celebrating Mexican Independence Day and have a potluck going on right now in the teacher's lounge and the hallway leading up to it. There is so much food in there. A few people asked me to get a plate as I was on my way to the copy machine. I said no thanks each time and no probs. Anyway I get that ketosis smell when I am around food and it does not smell good to me so that helps. Yesterday there was fried chicken from my favorite place. I did ask for just a sniff. Now that smelled good and the sniff was enough, thank goodness.

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