leaving pro points :(


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After a long chat with my mum today about where my head is at the moment, I have decided to go back to the discover plan. Had a sneaky weigh in this morning and they are showing another gain despite following religiously (3rd one in a row) and I broke down. Dreading weigh in tonight coz I know if they show a gain I'll cry.

Lost over 30lb on discover compared to 6lb on pro points and it's got to the point that I can't take any more. I'm sooooo frightened of being big again, the thought terrifies me.
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Oh hun - 3 weeks is a long time to be feeling like this. If discover worked for you (which it clearly did!) then switch back. It's your life and your decision :) so take back control and do what you know is best for yourself.

Switching back, you might even find the first couple of weeks a huge loss motivation, if you've slowly been gaining then the switch back could shake your metabolism up a bit.

Go for it!


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/Do it! I had to go back to discover as I gained on propoints despite tracking religiously. Good luck see you on the discover forum


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chin up hunny.
You have done so well to get this far.

You know what is good for your body - so stick to what you know.

I am on discover - so if you need any support come and find me :)


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If Discovery works for you then there is no way i'd be staying on PP's. You do what you feel is best and if you need any help please post me - dieting as you have been doing and being good must be so frustrating for you to not be losing - good luck and don't let the WW staff influence you into staying on PP's as that is what they have been told from Head Office - you've give it a good go. Don't be to dishearted if you do sts or put on tomorrow - just remind yourself how much you will loose this time next week on Discovery.


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lildanni said:
I sts which isn't fab. Broke down like I knew I would :(

Starting afresh on discover tomorrow...let's see how that goes!

Like the others say stick with what works for you babes. Not all diets suit everyone xxx