Getting it Done :D

woohoo for the water tablets finally!

I think you're doing well with your plans :)
Didn't get around to making scones today. Have had headaches since last night so not feeling too awesome. Paracetamol kicking in so its calming down somewhat.

Had some spag bol for dinner so feeling stuffed and sleepy.
Roll on bedtime :D
Yeah I do but sleep last night was terrible and so broken up. Slept for a few hours, was up for a few hours and took ages to settle again.
Was hungry when I was up so gawd knows what days points those snacks fell into.
Anyway slept till lunchtime so I will be so out of wack now. Story of my life lol.

Waiting for tescos to bring my shopping then figure out if I have time to meal prep or if I will have to leave it till tomorrow :)
@ladyfelsham I made the cheese scones. They turned out okay :) I just made half the recipe up so got tomorrows snacks sorted. Might try with some soft cheese :D

Those scones look great. How are you feeling now, did you sleep any better last night
Slept much better ty :) Managed to stay up till midnight.

Didn't do the meal prep yesterday so that's this mornings job after water tablets.
Got a bunch of chicken breasts and a tray of steak mince to do something with.
I know I have stuff to make chilli and and might make a couple of portions of mince and carrot for quick tatties n mince.
Will make up some poached chicken done in oxo with a bunch of veg and maybe put aside a couple for some oven baked chicken wrapped in bacon and cheese.

I just do so much better when everything is pre portioned, weighed and pointed and ready to just heat in the microwave.
Yep, i like to have my weekday lunches sorted, it stops me just going for a sandwich
Didn't get the mince cooked but did do all the chicken :) That's todays task.

Went a little over points yesterday but nothing too crazy. Will do better today though and try and be on target.

Going to have a look at planning Christmas. Fist diabetic Christmas so challenge accepted ;)
Typically we have a munch fest on Christmas Eve. Pizza is about the only thing we could class as proper food and the rest is hot chocs with cream, harbo, chips n dip, savoury snacks etc. Duvets and movies is the usual day's plans.
While I will be off diet Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I need to find some low GI alternatives. Doesn't need to be healthy/diet friendly tho :D
I MUST have stable levels so I can have roast potatoes xmas day :eat:.
mmmm roast potatoes yum lol.

I must make some of those scones as well, they do look amazing.
finally saw a 1/2lb loss on my overall.
Had a couple of solidly good days. No dipping into weeklies or going over points. (weeklies are fine to use but I prefer not to if I can help it)

Last night I tested my fav healthy comfort meal which is the poached chicken in stock and veg that I usually meal prep, with a pack of maggi noodles mixed through and so freaking happy to report that they had so little impact on me :) they have been marked safe :p
Been a weird week for me. Kinda disappeared without even realising it.

Have all but given up weighing myself of late. Stupid blummin fluid. Actually saw a doctor today in person who actually properly checked my legs and actually came up with a plan better than take these as required: take them every day, come back for bloodwork, if good, up the dose, try for another 2 weeks, same again until we get a good dose that doesn't trash my already overworked (but okay for now) kidneys.

The good news is my home bp meter lines up well enough with nurse's reading so we are happy that I do not have high blood pressure but white coat syndrome (ffs). Anyway they are keeping me on low dose bp meds for time being given the oedema etc.

fallin to bits but still trying :)
good that you don't have high BP at least, and that you were seen properly that's a real job to get these days.

I disappear myself I think it's the season, we're all wanting to hibernate!
Sorry for lack of updates. Diet (for weight loss) has taken a backseat while I've been dealing with getting medical stuff under control.

got water tablets dose increased and its slowly coming off (and on and off and on but overall lessening)

been chopping and changing diabetic medications and dosage to try and find the right treatment plan (just been changed today again).
One med can cause weight gain but that's just been halved and a different one introduced that actually helps weight weight loss (as a by-product) so hopefully they cancel each other out.

Taken me a while to get my head straight with everything going on.

Had a quick weigh in and I'm about +10lb but have also drunk a bunch of juice and water tablets not kicked in yet so who knows but the +10 is the max lol

Anyway going to ignore diet in regards to weight loss diet and adhere to what I can and can't eat for the diabetic diet for xmas and be back on track shortly after :)

If I don't make it on, hope you all have a fantastic Christmas <3
aw you definitely have to prioritise the meds and diabetes until you get all sorted. Hope you had a lovely christmas day :)
Hope you all had a great christmas <3

Diet wise, still going to be pointing on weight watchers as some guidelines to stick within.
I'm kinda leaning towards
shake for brekkie
shake for lunch or something like a ham salad in a mini wrap
decent dinner of meat, veg and small amount of potatoes etc (could have something with a small portion of rice too which doesn't spike my bloods if I eat a small portion)
with fruit as snacks or sugar free jelly or yogurts (no fat and no added sugar ones).
Occasional treats, I'll get some milky ways in for some damage limitation and options hot choc is okay too.
Take away wise I am okay with a chicken chow mein so that will be my go to "if I must" treat :D

Can adjust as I go one way or another. One of my meds can cause hypos (low blood sugar) so it will be a balancing act. Not even close to that zone tho at the moment but always in the back of my mind.

Need to be a little more consistent with walks as well.

Going to be sensible between now and new years (sorta) and get myself fully back in the swing of it and refocus after that :)
medical wise:
I have had meds adjusted by so many different people and I feel like there is no proper plan in place and i get to try whatever that particular person wants to put me on. 0 consistency with care.

So rundown:
1000mg metformin (tells liver to chill the eff out with dumping glucose into the blood and helps make own insulin work more effectively)
levels were fairly steady and while not amazing, not too terrible. A "could do better" stamp on it pretty much.
5 weeks later
I got stomach issues on those tablets and switched to gliclazide (tells your body to turn on the you body's insulin tap for as long as the meds are effective) 40mg once a day
2 days later
during a bloodtest appointment they were switched again to twice a day as "there was no way that was enough and who the heck prescribed that little"
right before xmas
phone appointment as my levels were all over the place put on 500mg slow release metformin (to try and reduce the tummy issue - ok so far) and halved the dose of gliclazide once the metformin has built back up in my system which is today ish.

Neither doses were enough to pull me back into good levels on their own so halving them makes 0 sense to me and my meter agrees thus far.

Will give it until after new year and see where things are at and speak to someone else again. I might chance my luck and ask for the one nurse who seems to have half a clue about it all.
I do have a feeling they wont do much until I get my next main blood test at end of January which gives 2-3 month average blood glucose level.
(hba1c - my last one was 91 which is an average of somewhere around 14mmol/L (you need to be averaging 7mmol/L to be classed as diabetic)

Really not helping my relationship with food. I have no way of brining levels down other than gliclazide (and that depends how much and quality of insulin I make) and avoiding all and any carbs for the entire day. I am eating so few carbs overall and I am still running high.

I am active on a diabetes forum and getting amazing support there, just trying to put it all down in here so its not so vague if I talk about stuff.
It sounds so confusing, and you are right no consistency at all which isn't helpful.