Getting it Done :D

Hiya @GLL Sounds tough, getting a handle on what is happening. Glad you are getting support on the diabetes forum. Have you checked out Dr David Unwin, Dr Jason Fung and on diabetes?
Yeah I have seen so many diet plans that claim to "cure/reverse/remission" type 2. The question really is, is it true remission ie you could eat a non diabetic persons diet and not elevate your blood glucose levels or will they creep back up over time again making it just well controlled by avoiding everything that can spike blood sugars (spoiler...any and all carbs, not just sweet stuff).
Very much a hotly debated topic.
I've seen people in both camps on that one.

There is also the issue of what happens in T2s, are you more insulin resistant or are you just not making enough insulin or both and to what degree for each? Is your pancreas past the point of being able to recover and function normally again regardless what you do?

I am on the fence about it all to be honest. I do believe well researched diet plans can work and most at source state its can work for SOME but media sensationalises it and makes it sound like it is a magic cure and it works for everyone if you follow a b c of their eating plans.
Almost puts an unhealthy spin on things if it doesn't work for you and the self blame that would happen.

You may be T2 because you have lived an unhealthy lifestyle BUT there are genetic factors involved too.
Not everyone who is overweight and eats carbs gets a T2 diagnosis and not every T2 is overweight. Most do agree that lifestyle usually is the tipping point.
I know people who are hundreds of lbs overweight with perfect blood glucose levels and I have 50lb odd to loose and had a pretty shocking blood test etc.
The blame game can be real.

So I have been doing lots of things to see how my body works (or doesn't) and I want to meet in the middle somewhere.
I will do the weight loss and exercise
I will stay within very reasonable carb limits
I will avoid sweet stuff apart from the very odd treat
I will work with my GPs to get my medications right

I've been toying so much with the why don't you at least try <insert whatever method here> to fix it all and the answer is simple.
Compliance and Sanity.
I know myself well enough to know I will eventually fall off whatever super strict plan and beat myself up over it and continue the mental anguish cycle of blaming myself. Can't deal with that extra pressure on my mental health. Been a rough few months as it is.
If I have a sensible plan with a small bit of wiggle room, I will stick with it for the long term.
My eating goals are within what the GPs surgery recommends but better :)

rambling again (sorry) 🤪
Not a ramble at all, it sounds like a very considered opinion
Makes absolute sense to me. I look forward to more of your excellent rambles in 2022!
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I just found your diary and wanted to introduce myself as I still follow old WW too. I did Propoints from 2013 until 2019 when I decided to change to Smartpoints because I could make eggs, chicken, turkey, prawns and all fruit & veg apart from potatoes free. Even though WW has moved on again I’m going to stick with Smartpoints. If I try anything else I panic and it just spirals into binging and massive weight gain. As you so accurately put it, a sensible plan with a bit of wriggle room is what suits me too.

I look forward to watching your journey this year.

Halley x
there are no miracle cures I think you're right, but the research into processed carbs and sugar is particularly damning I think. If we can at least limit most of those then I think we can at least help ourselves a bit.

I think you're on the best path for yourself.
Hi @Halley, welcome on in, come and pull up a beanbag, grab a coffee and make yourself at home x WW just works for me but I'm refusing to pay for membership and I have an app that does the pro points stuff (3rd party). Also know the diet well.

totally agree @ChilliQueen :)
I spike higher with carbs than with sugary things, it was for science finding that out I swear 🤪
Just wish my body wasn't stupid half the time and have little rhyme or reason to be spiking levels but does anyway :rolleyes:

Did my weigh in today. Not happy but it is what it is.
Fighting fluid retention still (to a lesser extent but still need to poke at the medication dose) and on diabetes meds that can cause gain too. Going to be a fight but I'll get there.

Back on track, 100%. All leftover snacks have gone into sons room and are no longer an option for me 🤣
Well done for getting back on track - and I 100% agree with your summary above, about different eating plans affecting people so differently.

You will find a way through this hun xx
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Diet already stalling.
Had to come off another medication because of side effects. Blood glucose levels not in a particularly good place so I'm back to eating more towards my meter than my diet to try and keep things under some kinda control until I have another appointment tomorrow to discuss options.
I'm in the same boat, have to eat during the night to help the high levels of magnesium and ACV absorb without giving me massive tummy issues - which can play havoc with an eating plan!

How did your appointment to discuss the meds go?
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I got a different medication called Empagliflozin (on top of existing dose of gliclazide)
Got up on a reasonable bg level (which I was ecstatic about) but has crept up over the day but not as high as it has been.
Adjusting the time I'm taking it to mornings so skipping tonight's dose :)
Hopefully over the next few days I will see improvements and there is wiggle room for a dosage increase.

It can help with weight loss but it will still be fighting gliclazide which can cause gain so 🤷‍♀️

thanks for checking in on me 🤗
Lou x
Oh boy, a lot has changed since I last posted.

Diabetes stuff escalated a lot since Jan.
I was already seeing unexpected rises with my blood sugars when I last posted but they took on a whole new level of rubbish. Got to the point of being too high to get a reading on my meter so not the best place to be at along with intermittent ketones (and not because of lack of carbs).
I got referred to the specialists and have been put on background (basal) insulin and numbers are slowly starting to come down (not there yet).

I literally just want the freedom to follow a diet plan that wont make my bloods go crazy high.

Just wanted to give a wee update and hopefully I will be in a position to be able to get back on things soon :)
Hi Lou

I guess it will take a while for them to get your meds and doses right, it was the same with me and my A-Fib - but youre being closely monitored, which is great, so let's hope it stablises for you soon hun.