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Leaving sw group!

Hiya everyone not been on for a few days as had a death in the family and had to come to my mums. Been off plan but will go back on when i go home on friday. Unfortunately i will be leaving my group because i really dont like my consultant. I would have liked to stay but i just feel very low at the moment and going there will make me feel worse so i will just wait untill maybe we move as we are trying to move out of our area. Plus i'm not very happy as i emailed her about the death and told her i need a day off on monday (i did this last week on thursday) and as yet havent had a reply back and i'm not paying for a week where i couldnt go because of something off my hand. I know i can lose weight thanks to the support from everyone on this forum so i'm not so worried about leaving but i feel i have been ripped off because i was just really paying for being weighed and not much support!!!
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Sounds like a plan haha!
I find it hard to get to group some weeks as I work permanent nights so meh... some weeks i don't want to even talk im that tired haha. But she's really good my advisor i've got a choice of 4 times; 9.15 11.15 then 5.15, 7.15 pm so I haven't really got an excuse! Sorry about your loss.

Sarah x
hi safia sorry about ur loss, it's no good going to group if u don't like the leader i am lucky the leader i have is lovely and very understanding but unfortunately i am going to have to change groups so i hope my new leader will be as good, but i think the support on here is just as good and if u need syn values there is always someone on here to look it up for u. good luck to u :)
Sorry to hear of your loss, & such a shame that you have an unsupportive leader... they are there for encouragement and support and doesn't seem like your getting either; i'm currently doing it from home due to living too far away from local club & we are based in Germany... but due to move so may think about joining then... but on week 3 and long as your motivated and determined to stay on track you'll be every bit successful!!

Good Luck xxx
Hi hun,
Did you like your consultant before this or do you not like her because she didn't email you back? Perhaps she has internet problems, perhaps she hasn't had chance to check her emails, perhaps she didn't think she needed to reply.
I'm just playing Devil's advocate here with regards to the consultant not answering.
It's a shame you feel like this but if you think you can do it alone then go for it! ( I know I couldn't do it, it's not about the consultant for me, more about the fact that someone other than myself weighs me). I always take my hat off to anyone who can do this alone.
Good luck. xx
To be fair, without going you don't know if your consultant will charge you for your missed week. She might not have replied because she simply doesn't know what to say in the circumstances. I'm not saying it's right, and I know it's easy to pass on your sentiments, but not everybody thinks the same.
Hi she always emails back so im seeing if she emails her usual email but i didnt like my consultant from before this incident because i felt she had her favourites and spent more time on them. I'm feeling a bit shaky today as i know i have a big battle in front of me and not much support but will have to manage somehow x
I've decided to join online.
I was part of a great group with a wonderful consultant when I lived in Bedford. Since I moved to the Midlands 11 years ago I've gone to various different groups, at different times, with different leaders and just haven't found the same level of support or friendliness.

I think being supported is the most important thing when trying to loose weight, especially when you're going through tough times.

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