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    Hello, My name is Lee I live in the UK and I am 23 years old. I have always been overweight all of my life apart from 1-2 years when I was 15-16 years old, everybody in my family is overweight and always have been since I could remember. When I was 18 I went through a stage of depression, and had a very bad series of events in my life. In this time I managed to totally balloon. I am now 23 years old at 26 Stone. I spent a lot of my time having sick days off work and trying to shut the outside world out, playing online games instead of pulling myself together. In the past year or so I have sorted out the problems in my life. I have a loving girlfriend that is totally out of my league but loves me for me no matter my size. I have a well paying job and feel that now it is time to tackle my weight. I have been very lucky, as of now I have had no medical issues due to my weight.

    I have tried to diet before, the only problem is I am very picky with food. I never really try anything other than my usual stuff, which is obviously no good, due to the fact I'm in my current state. As for exercise obviously I am very restricted, I try to go for walks but my back hurts way too much and I get out of breath very easy. Not to mention I find it very embarrassing walking out in the street gasping for air.

    I have realized that I am still very young and it's not late to sort myself out and put the past behind me. I am coming to terms with how big I have got and how rapidly it has got out of hand. I have a lot of support everywhere, and people want to see me lose the weight, but I don't feel strong enough to do it. (I know this sounds stupid) I never thought I would come to a online forum to express my feelings and thoughts to complete strangers, but this seems like a good idea as of now. I don't know how active this forum is but I really hope to make some friends and people to talk to as I really am not able to express myself to my family.

    I tried to make this as short as possible for people, I'll be hanging around the forums.

    Thank you.
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    Hi Lee, welcome to Minimins :)

    You'll get lots of support here, are you going to be following any diet/plan in particular?
  4. 'Lee

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    I don't know, I am currently doing research in what way is going to be good for me.
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    Welcome to Minimins :) What has worked for you in the past in terms of diet?.

    I know exercise will be hard and you find walking embarrassing but start with little steps and stick with it, it will get easier. Even just an extra walk round the block is better than nothing and soon that will get easier and become 2 blocks, then 3 and so on. Don't give up, you can do it.
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    Hi Lee!
    So I'm also 23, and started off at 23 stone. I've weighed the same as my age, for as long as I remember, and even though I'm only half a stone lighter now, it's great because that meant something to me. It's not fun being big, especially when we're in the "prime of our lives". You have to find things that matter to you, little things you'd like to be able to do, that you can't now. I can't wait for the day I can get tickets to the cinema without having to worry about whether I'll fit in the seat - I've never had this happen and it's one of my biggest fears.
    I personally opted for slimming world. You've got so much control over what you eat, and because like you I'm really picky, that mattered. You don't have to go to group (although I do - and there are loads of guys there), you can do it all online, or just follow the tips on here for it and see how it goes?
    As for exercise, I do a DVD at home - when I have the energy (I'm on tablets at the moment which zap all my energy :( ), or I go swimming (only been twice, but it's been great both times!), seriously, no one cares that you're there to lose weight, likelihood is there are others doing the same. My boyfriend comes with me. It makes it much easier. Remember, once you've lost just 10% of your weight, everything becomes easier! Can't wait for that either! :) Anyway, good luck to you. If you decide to go for slimming world, I'm happy to give you any tips or whatever xx
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    Wow. That's amazing your doing so well. My mum lost over 8 stone a few years ago so I am more than likely going to take that route. I have been eating clean for the past 3 days. If anything I have actually enjoyed it somewhat. Feels good to be doing something. I have decided not to weight myself for a few weeks and see if I can find a difference in myself.

    Thank you for the reply. I'll be sure to keep intouch.
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