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Leesa's WW Diary


Start Weight: 13 st 11lbs
How long been a member: week and a half
Lost so far: 3 lbs
THE Goal: 10 stone
Short term goal: 10% = 12 st 6lbs

So far so good, enjoying my meetings, im still struggling to understand the science behind how i can POSSIBLY be enjoying myself on weight watchers? Im barely noticing the DRASTIC change in my eating habits. and it is DRASTIC. Im eating SO much fruit and veg, im cooking from fresh alot, im sticking under my points and having 2 or 3 left over every day, im exercising and drinking water ALL day.

I just cant understand how it is that if i wanted to i COULD have a kit kat worth 2 and a half lbs and STILL enjoy myself.

did anyone feel this way when they first started the weight watchers? Im constantly questioning the programme thinking how can it possibly work.

Grr i wish i had more confidence in myself with all of this :( grrrrr

A little advice or help? or even a little more knowledge? i guess as a new beginner i've alot to learn :) :sigh:
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Hi Leesa

Im on day 10 and feeling very much the same as you. My meals are huge but Im bulking them out with veg, eating fruit and ive still got points for lovely lovely chocolate. Im so full everyday, no cravings, and eat within my points everyday. I lost 6 lbs on my first weigh in and I was super shocked, i really really didnt expect it, i thought i would have puton and then be told ive done it all wrong and the curly whirlys ive been eating are 100 points!!!! I think we all just have the word diet linked with so many rubbish things... boring food, hunger, no treat, rabbit food and ww is so not that, you can eat whatever takes ur fancy, with a little bit of planning, portion control it is possible...

so be confidence... this diet has worked for so many people...


Is in the Zone
Hi Leesa

I've been doing WW on and off for years, and I still feel guilty when i have bad things like chocolate even when I've pointed them :) But feeling like I'm being naughty feels good :D

You just have to trust that the diet works, obviously if you used all your points for things like chocolate and McD's etc then yes you may still lose, but you wouldn't be healthy!!

Anyway - well done on the loss so far!!

Thankyou so much twiggy and jellibabe.

Jellibabe being that you're pretty much at where i am with WW and being a new starter to it all, do you maybe have MSN messenger and we could talk more on there? :)
I do.... oh that would be nice. I only have msn on an evening tho, if i had it at work I dont think I would ever get any work done hehe

add me if you like - heather41b at hotmail.com -


Hi and welcome to the WW boards. What you've described is the joy of WW the ability to eat everything nothing banned and as long as you are within points you're fine.

Good luck with your journey

WI day tomorrow, REALLY nervous, i feel like i've been a little bad this week, when in occordance with the weight watchers points i've always kept under if not more so this week, but i've varied my diet alot more including weight watchers snacks and treats (which tastes SO good, makes me wonder if i am loosing weight!)

Im SO nervous about WI tomorrow. Im trying not to set my goals too high but yeah.... i want to looseeeee weight :(

Im a 'i want it and i want it now' kinda girl, its irritates me more than anything.
Right so im back from my 2nd weigh in...

having had almost a panic attack because i came on this morning i figured that would work against me on the scales...butttt it didnt!

i lost 2lbs! thats now 5 and a half pounds in 2 weeks! :D

verrrry happppyyy!!!
Today i wore one of my black shirts i USED to be able to fit into, and now i can again! its still a little bit tight butttt i felt great walking around town today having to constantly make sure my jeans wern't coming down which has been happening alot too :D

aww thats fabulous - well done you :D thats a great amount of weight in 2 weeks to lose, so you should be very proud of yourself - well done x
Ok folks so back from my 3rd weigh in so my 3rd day being on the weight watchers and i lost another 4LBS TODAY!!!! *yikes!*
Took me completly by suprise though its is a few days after my period so that probably helped as well but nevertheless im ecstatic, i found i ate MORE this week as well yet i've lost MORE weight.

Alot of the weight watchers members at the meeting are saying 'be prepared for times where you'll just stay at the same weight or even gain a pound just be prepared that it will happen at some stage...'

That bothers me? because surely if i KEEP doing what im doing my weight loss will keep going and be consistent, clearly what im doing is working so why would it stop or go the other way if i keep eating the kind of foods im eating etc and staying on my plan and within my points every day...

Can i have anyones thoughts on this one? :)
-Leesa xxxxxx
your first few weeks are always higher as your body is less used to the healthy regime you are following - once your body stabilises then so will your weight loss - if you are 100% there is no real reason why you shouldnt lose, but sometimes your weight might STS as sometimes it just needs time to catch up - i have found on numerous occasions that i have STS after a 100% week, but the following week my loss has been much more than usual, and i have put it down to my body taking its time to adjust.

4th weigh in and i lost another lb.

soooo in my first month i've lost a total of 10.5lbs, is that good guys?

I feel like my focus is drifting off a bit, instead of adding my points up as i go in the day i find im now estimating my portions and maybe im being a little too good on myself, meh i dont know...

how do i overcome this?? :(
i was once told 'if you bite it, write it' in other words write everything down straight away. Some things you can get away with gestimating but not others, keep on it you are doing great
i was once told 'if you bite it, write it' in other words write everything down straight away.
Wise words, mommy B, wise words....

Hi, not posted before - sorry....but welcome and really well done on your losses so far. That's great in your first month and it will slow slightly from now on - you can expect 1-2lbs average per week so about half a stone a month would be a good weight loss.

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