Leftover from the weight loss?

What are the results in people experinces of excess skin? I am very aware that a quick weight loss could result in a lot of extra skin? I am 16st 8lbs at the moment, will this be something i need to worry about in the long term?
I was also very worried about the rapid weight loss and the effect on my skin..especially as women in my family dont seem to have very good genes when it comes to skin.:( I have lost just under 3 and half stone in 11 weeks and so far my skin is fine. I drink plenty of water ,use cocoa butter cream all over my body and have been doing gentle toning exercises and thats it. I nearly didnt do this diet because I thought I would have bingo wings like never before but its fine ...this diet is the best thing Ive ever done and I look and feel fab !!:) :)
similar worries - I would love to not have to worry about a tuck

so will watch the posts on this thread with great interest
I have lost about 4 and 1/2 stone and I definetely have bingo wings and horrible tops of my legs and a stretch marked stomach. Am using cocoa butter too, it is good. My LLC said that skin can take a year to get its elasticity back so not to panic just yet. Apparently the massage action of putting moisturiser on it just as important as what you put on.

So fingers crossed !
i have been on ll and am now on cambridge I have lost 3 stone and no problem but have been swimming dog walking using bio oil and other creams.............
I have lost three stone and definitely have a wrinkly tummy that reminds me turkey skin. I still have a bit to lose but I have heard your skin does catch up it just takes time. Saying that I have had 4 children by Caesarian so it wasn't the best to start with. I have very slight wrinkles under my arms and so far my legs look ok but I have done a fair bit of walking. I haven't been using any lotions or potions - maybe I should start giving it a try.

If my skin doesn't go then I would consider a tuck - apronectomy I think is the technical term ( sound awful doesn't it - an apron of skin and flab? Got to be a bloke who thought of that one - obviously not a modern man). I would like to find out if you can do it on the NHS. SOmeone I know did it privately but it cost £7k - she says it was worth every penny.

Still I have to say it is nicer doing up size 14 jeans on a bit of extra skin than it is trying so squeeze a big tummy into a pair size 18 elasticated trousers!

For now I am going to wait and see. It would be fab to feel good in a bikini before I hit 40 in a couple of years time.
Right, well I've lost just over 4 stone... and I have to say, my skin's not the best, and I'm 21. But Im battling bad genetics, scars from surgery and stretch marks from effectively gaining 4 stone in about 2 1/2 months through medication...

Very wobbly tummy and turkey like skin for me... but its my understanding that this isn't that common on LL... most of the people I've met through my counsellor have had fantastic skin, I think I just got dealt a bad lot.

And by the way, I know you can get tucks/body lifts through the NHS.. but you have to be in a NHS Trust area that does it, and have to be referred from a GP/have counselling etc... but I know the NHS will consider it for people who have lost over a certain amount of weight (i think its 4 or 5 stone).
Oh okay, well I am 21 about 5'11/6" and 16st8lbs, male, and from the sounds of it is a hot or miss, I will be ising some cocoa butter, the palmers stuff? and what is bio oil?? hmm, Guess as you say, a bit of eftover skin, into a nice pair of jeans, or my tummy hanging out over the top of the belt?! I know which one il choose!
Mungo mungo,

The good news is Men have thicker skin than Women so you shouldn't end up with any stretchmarks from losing the weight...
I have been told to use Bio oil but luckily I have very elastic skin!
It really depends on genetics and the amount of collagen you have in your skin, what type of skin have your parents?
Blasting the skin daily with very cold water after a hot shower should also help you as it makes the skin become used to contracting quickly.
Given that you are 21 you should be ok.

Yep, I would guess you have a really good chance of getting away with this unscathed. Another reason to deal with this now and not leave any longer.

Dizzy x